March has been full of some kind of weird “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life” kind of energy. Are you feeling it? I’ve seen it in posts throughout Facebook Groups. I’ve even posted it myself!

“When does this crazy energy end? Computer stuff not working, bad mood, and bad dreams! I’m ready for something new.” I finally admitted.

After struggling through this muddy uncertainty and grumpiness, I gave myself a mini retreat day!

These self-care days are crucial, and I invite you to take one for yourself. To be honest, I planned to do it the day before, but stuff just kept popping up. I stayed committed and made it happen!

The Power Position

office power positionI started the day by moving my office. I learned from Kate Northrup that my chair was not in the “power position” in my office. Obviously this had to be fixed immediately. So I moved my office around so that my chair faces the door.

You should know that I set my office up in the big sunroom so I can look out onto the garden. But, if I’m looking out the window, that means my back is to the door. This is not the power position, but it is the position with the best view.

I’m choosing to prioritize power, at least for a while.

So I now look at the door, with my back to the window and the garden. I’m going to fix this asap by putting mirrors on the wall so I can still look out the windows. Compromise = everybody’s happy. I’ll be in the power position AND get to see the garden.

Mini Concert

albert cummingsAfter this office adjustment, I went to a mini concert. It’s the coolest thing! I pay $5 per month to be a member of 91.3 The Summit, my local radio station, and in return, I get invited to private concerts!

Before bands play their shows at night, they stop by the radio station to play 3-4 songs for a live studio audience and I’m on the invite list! We get to see the artists up close because the studio sessions are for members only, and they’re usually at lunchtime, so less than 30 people come. Since I work at home, I make it a priority.

No matter who is coming, I always go! I don’t even know who is coming or what they play, so it’s always a surprise. Today it was blues artist Albert Cummings who actually toured with BB King!

It’s so inspiring to see people living their passion every day.

Lunch Retreat

Lunchtime! I wanted my retreat to happen at our local health food store. I’ve done a few cooking demos there, and it’s kind of upscale, so it makes me feel very abundant to work there. Since I was on a retreat, I decided to order whatever I wanted for lunch!

I got a wheatgrass shot for clarity, a mint-chocolate milkshake for fun, and an avocado BLT with coconut bacon for… well, lunch.

Conquer Kit lunch

It was the perfect balance of nourishment, health and energy, and indulgence. Exactly what a retreat should be!

Ok, it’s time to get to work. I set a timer for 2 hours and 30 minutes and made myself sit and work with pen and paper. No computer!

Computer Girl without her computer! Can you picture the squirming? It was intense.

I was so tempted to check my phone. Any likes on my Instagram post? Anything interesting get posted in my favorite FB groups? Did anybody email me back?

No peeking!

I was there to plan, and take a step back from work to discover and discern what I should actually be working on.

With Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Kit as my guide, I planned the next 6 months of blog posts, newsletters, webinars, and even mini courses. I did some forgiveness work. And I made a triage list of things to take care of when my retreat was done.

I also looked at the clouds and listened to background noise. It was a nice change from my usual cat-filled workday. I love my furry office-mates, but was definitely time to change it up. Being out in the world, away from my desk, brought me new focus and vision.


I did it! I brainstormed, planned, and did some internal work, all while nourishing my body and my spirit. When I got home, I tended to some urgent business and then enjoyed a nice dinner with my husband.

Take Action Now

Give yourself just 2-3 hours to step back from your work to organize, plan, and get laser-focused in your business. Or book a massage. You are the most important part of your business and you deserve to give yourself mental clarity and an extra special shot of green juice once in a while. Tell me in the comments… when will you book your mini retreat?