At the beginning of January, I told you about my word for 2015. Reflecting on all that 2015 provided has been fun. But it’s time to look at 2016.

Sweet ’16. Oh yeah.

So what will be my word for 2016?
A couple weeks ago, I co-hosted a retreat with some fellow entrepreneurial women in Akron. We talked about our goals and fears, and we were challenged to come up with 3 words that will embody 2016.

I’d like to share my words with you now, in case you need them, too. They’re pretty good.

​My first word came to me immediately: ALLOW.

You see, I have 3-4 businesses, depending on the day. I’ve been trying to be one thing, but it just doesn’t work. So this year, I’m allowing myself to be all that I am.

I’m stepping outside my box and allowing myself to be a coach, Computer Girl, and a Compassionate Entrepreneur of fair trade jewelry and accessories.

I am all of those things, and in 2016, I will allow that to happen.

I will also allow people to help me. A smart, stubborn Scorpio has trouble asking for and receiving help. But I need it. Starting now, I allow people to help me.

As I allow these pieces of me to come together and be expressed, I will allow them to FLOW.

Sometimes coaching happens during a Computer Girl session. It flows.
Sometimes, my coaching buddies need a little computer help. That will flow too.

happy new year!The last word, the hardest to determine (and the hardest to admit) is MINE. I have let people take things from me for far too long. No more. I’m taking them back. I’m not allowing people to take them from me anymore.

2016 is MINE. The things I want are MINE.

I deserve good fortune, abundance, joy, clients, success. I do. And this year, they’re MINE.

​You can have them too. All you have to do is say “that’s mine,” mean it, and allow it to come to you. Then you have to get out there and do the work.

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Write great content, consistently. Sign up here for my FREE Editorial Calendar training!
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