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It’s all here.

When you have a business, it’s easy to feel like marketing comes naturally to everyone else and you’ll never be good at it. This voice in your head creates fear and hesitation, which leads to you staying hidden and quiet.

(It’s lying to you, btw… you can be good at this.)

You can feel good about telling people what you do!

And it’s definitely time to stop hiding behind your laptop.

I’ve been in your shoes. As an introvert, I’ve certainly struggled with getting people to pay attention to me. It’s not instinctual, but it doesn’t have to be so hard.

My clients tell me that what they like about my approach is that we create a strategy that feels good to them. It feels natural, and it gets easier over time.

When you do marketing this way, you may not rake in a million dollars immediately, but you’ll feel good about yourself and your business.

And that’s what keeps people coming back and compels them to tell their friends about you.

This authentic way of marketing doesn’t always come naturally, but once you try it on for yourself, you’ll see that it’s something you can implement and see results right away.

I’ve seen the marketing courses and the gurus who promise to give you their “blueprint,” as if authenticity can be replicated.

But I believe marketing is personal.

Sure, there are some things that are always effective, like consistency. But it’s nearly impossible to be consistent if you don’t feel confident and professional, if you don’t have a plan. 

That’s why it’s crucial to create a strategy that lights you up and keeps you going. 

And I know that people – your clients – want personal attention.

They want to feel like you’re talking directly to them, not following someone else’s formula.

That’s what I teach and it has worked for me for 8+ years and I know it can work for you.

I’m not going to sell you another course or blanket approach. I’m here to hold your hand and guide you through creating a marketing strategy that feels good to you because it’s easier to be consistent and authentic when you have a base to stand on.

That’s what a marketing strategy creates – a base. It’s not set in stone, so you can be flexible as your business shifts and grows.

If you’re ready to have regular communication with your potential clients, I’ll show you what that can look like and how to show up for them in a way that feels good to you.

That means you can keep your strategy going for the long run so that the next time you launch an offer, you’ll know how to make a good marketing plan for it.
(Of course, I can help you on your next project too.)

My approach is based on authenticity and consistency, which means you’ll be sharing from your heart and making real connections.

That means no sleazy sales emails, no overwhelm, and no more hiding.

Essentially, you’ll create a path for your clients, from the minute they find you on social media to when they opt in to your free gift and get the first welcome email in your sequence.

(If you don’t have a welcome sequence yet, you’re in the right place! Keep reading.)

This means that when they buy your product or service, it is delivered with care and clarity, so they never feel frustrated or confused. They feel like they’re getting that personal attention they crave.

And all of this is automated for you, so you’re not sitting at the computer for 14 hours a day, manually sending emails that can and should be delivered automatically.

This might feel like a lot for a marketing strategy, but it’s all about client care and creating a business that is sustainable.

Imagine if I helped you write bangin’ social media posts but when you started to get clients, they had to search high and low for your booking calendar or they never got their confirmation details so they didn’t even know what the next step was. That wouldn’t help anyone!

When you work with me, we will be sure you have a business that speaks to your ideal clients in your social media content and takes good care of them when they take the next step, whether that’s opting in to your newsletter, booking a call with you, or buying your service.

Having a solid onboarding process makes them feel supported and is fully automated so you can set it up once and let it run.

Marketing is a balance, in both outward communication and in bringing people into your business.

It takes organization and planning.

You might have tons of content ideas and what you need is a guide who helps you translate those ideas to social media or newsletter content and make them part of your business, without giving too much away for free.

Or you have lots of ideas for services to offer but need a clear strategy so you don’t overwhelm your clients but still offer things that will help them. I hear you and I can help!

We can take those ideas and give them structure and simplicity so you can function like a business owner.

Then we’ll make sure your clients are supported once they say yes! (You wouldn’t believe how many times I schedule an appointment with a “professional” and I have to ask them how we’re going to connect. That should be in the confirmation email so there’s no guessing! This is what I want for your business.)

You will feel organized and professional instead of chaotic and small, and that will help you stick with your plan… because it works.

When we build a marketing plan together, you will be able to set it up (or hand it to your team) and let it run, which means you’ll be able to focus on serving your clients instead of manually doing all the tech stuff.

You’ll be able to post on social media with confidence. You’ll send newsletters consistently, so you can make sales.

You’ll feel excited to talk about your business! I’ve seen it happen and I want the same for you.


How do we get started? 

Choose a 3-pack of 1-hour sessions, the Kickstart Kit, or a VIP Day.

We’ll meet together on Zoom and it’ll feel like I’m right there with you. I’ve done this for 8 years and I’m always surprised by how connected we can get on Zoom, and how much we can accomplish together.


The 3-pack is perfect for solving a problem, launching an offer, or creating a long-term strategy and a series of communications. I’ll give you space between sessions to write your ideas and then we’ll polish them together.

What it is:

A bespoke package to help you grow your business.

Borrow my brain and my expertise for three 1-hour sessions. I will pour my energy and expertise into your business.

We will strategize steps to move you forward and I’ll hold you accountable so you can get it done. Together, we will solve problems, make a plan, create a strategy, and even write content.

What you walk away with:

A project done.

A plan for your business.

A strategy and content you’re excited about.

Kickstart Kit

The Kickstart Kit is a 4-session package that will help you solidify your audience and offer, and then strategize and write the content you need to launch it.

We’ll do all of this together. It’s not like a course where I tell you what to do and hope you do it. I’m here as your personal guide and accountability partner. 

What it is:

This exciting package is tailored specifically to you and your business, but follows a structure that works.

It’s perfect for launching a new offer because it gives you a framework for success.

I’ll guide you through writing a stellar email welcome sequence. We’ll solidify your voice and message. 

Then we’ll plan and brainstorm social media content together (this is so fun!) and set you up with inspiration and action steps to keep the momentum going.

What you walk away with:

Clarity around your audience and offer.

A clear, strong voice for your content.

A strategy to get your message out into the world in a way that attracts your
ideal clients. 

A plan for consistent newsletters and social media content.

That’s right, an awesome content calendar!


A VIP Day is perfect to launch or jumpstart your project. We’ll start with a 30-minute intake session so I can learn about your goals and get on the same page. Then we’ll dive deep for 4-5 hours in one intensive day. We’ll reconnect about 2 weeks later to be sure you’re feeling good and staying on track (I love accountability and I don’t want to leave you hanging).

 Sample VIP Day itinerary

  • Review the last year – what worked and what didn’t
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Strategize your next year in business, focusing on list growth and making solid offers
  • Create a high-level strategy with clear action steps
  • Take a lunch break
  • Write social media posts and make a long-term strategy
  • Create your welcome email sequence
  • Make sure your website works exactly how you want it to

This is right for you if:

  • you know it’s time for a solid marketing strategy
  • you’ve got big goals and you’re ready to stop procrastinating and start reaching them
  • you’re a bit of an introvert and nervous to put yourself out there
  • you want a more personalized plan (not another course!)

This is NOT for you if:

  • you want a blueprint or a copycat program, this isn’t it. We’re going to co-create something specifically for you.
  • you’re selling a physical product. My experience is based on service-based businesses like photographers, copywriters, coworking spaces, teachers, and consultants.
  • you want a course (with no accountability). I prefer to work 1:1.

My Areas of Expertise

I’ve been working in online marketing for more than 10 years, first at a university and then for my fellow entrepreneurs. I totally nerd out about marketing strategy and I love solving problems.

Here are a few things I’m an expert at.

  • UX copywriting, copyediting
  • project management
  • business analysis
  • marketing strategy
  • creating an Editorial Calendar
  • branding and logos
  • onboarding clients
  • lead funnels
  • opt-in gift ideas
  • automation flow
  • writing newsletters, blogs, and ebooks
  • harnessing inspiration into consistency
  • launch strategy
  • hosting a challenge
  • finding your ideal client
  • creating program offers and packages

I really appreciate how you combine your expertise in copywriting, and your knowledge of the current market. You’re very good at knowing what’s out there, what the trends are, and where it’s going.

You have the ability to ask the right questions to get people talking and then you would grab the nuggets as they came out of my mouth.

I needed someone to be on my team and I felt, with you, that it was you and me co-creating this and I would not have been able to do it myself.

The Fundraising Lab

Thanks for a great day and for all your help.

I was just telling my husband, ‘Terra has done more to help me than most of the sessions I’ve attended at the small business development center. It’s the how-tos, not just the what-to-dos that are helping me most.’

You’re turning from Solution Girl to Business Coach, all wrapped in one fabulous package. Thanks!

Owner of Burnin’ Beak Habanero Marmalade

Before working with Terra, I was so scared to be visible online.

In just 3 sessions together, I went from zero to updating my LinkedIn profile, having a social media strategy that makes sense to me, an email welcome sequence, blog posts, and enough content for the next 2 months.

She is so patient, lovely to work with, and knowledgeable.

She makes EVERYTHING related to marketing so easy.

After every session, I felt relieved and clear about my next steps. I had enough of a push to start doing things on my own.

Swiss Escape Incubator

I love your thoughtful, systematic approach to the whole process of looking ahead at the year, and your spreadsheet gives me a fantastic structure to follow so that I’m not having to figure out where to start or how detailed to get.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into helping us out, and for being so open about your own goals, so that we could see how it all fits together in practice.

(took my planning workshop)

You might be wondering…

What’s the difference between the 3-pack and the Kickstart Kit?

In the 3-pack, we can solve a problem or create something new. This is entirely bespoke – you set the goals and we work towards them together.

With the Kickstart Kit, I’ve created a system that helps you get clear on your clients and offer, write an email welcome sequence, and create a content calendar for emails, blogs, and social media. Each session is planned. 

What if you need help with tech stuff?

We can definitely dive into some of your tools (website, email program, etc) if you need. I’ve been teaching technology for 8+ years so I’ve seen it all and sometimes I can’t stop myself from fixing something for you. ;) But we should focus on the strategy and find a good virtual assistant to do the rest.

What expertise do I have?

I’ve been working in marketing for more than 10 years. My Master’s degree in English will help us find the right words to reach your ideal client. And I’ve taken the business and marketing courses that keep my knowledge relevant.

Should you take xyz business and marketing course? 

You can, and you’ll probably get a ton of ideas and inspiration. But what you need is accountability and a personal guide. I see it every year after a certain course is done – people don’t finish because they’re overwhelmed and they get off track. I’m here to make sure we put your ideas into action! 

What’s the best opt-in gift?

It depends on your business. Lately, I like to see a 1-page guide because it’s easy to create. But for real value, I’d recommend a video series or a challenge. Book a free call with me and we can brainstorm something for you.

Still not sure? Book a call with me.

Ready to get started?

Let’s talk! Book a 15-minute strategy session with me to talk about where you’re stuck and how to move forward. Choose a time below and fill out the form to reserve your session.

I look forward to talking with you!

Because these services are digital, the content is personal and immediately available, it cannot be returned or refunded. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me and we’ll make it right.

This training does not guarantee you will get more clients. It is intended to give you confidence and technical skills so you can offer products and services online, and add potential clients to your list.

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