Last week, I wrote and designed a sales page in one day. Just one day!

(And then I did it again… another sales page in one day!)

Since sales pages are kind of a tricky beast, I want to share with you my strategy for sales pages. There are two parts – content and design.

For content, I use a tried-and-true formula. It goes like this:

  • Identify the problem
  • Share your experience (I used to be in your shoes, or my clients experienced this same problem)
  • Answer the problem
  • Describe the benefits of your offering – what it will solve for them
  • Tell them how it will be delivered (the features)
  • Share testimonials
  • Overcome objections
  • Show the investment and invite the sale

There’s a lot more to it than this (people teach entire courses on writing sales pages!), but that’s the basic structure I use.

Now the designthat’s a tricky area that usually messes up even the bravest sales page builder. Luckily, it’s something I can help you with! I found this awesome plugin that makes it super easy to design sales pages on your WordPress website. It’s called Visual Composer. It kind of turns WordPress into a drag & drop editor.

And it makes beeeyooooootiful pages!

(If you’ve ever tried and loved OptimizePress, Visual Composer’s functionality will make you nostalgic!)

I’ll be honest, I resisted WordPress for a long time because it’s not that easy to work with and I don’t have time to figure things out and write code all the time to make my website look the way I want.

easy wordpress pagebuilderWell, that’s how I felt before I found this plugin. I bit the bullet and spent the $34 to get the plugin and my WordPress site has been a breeze ever since!

A few weeks ago, I installed the plugin on a client’s website and she was so excited by how easy it is to use, she convinced me to create a course to help others struggling with sales page designs in WordPress. So I did! It’s a 30-minute course that teaches you exactly how to build a sales page. You’ll see how to make:

  • scrolling images like you see on the top of this page
  • text centered on the page
  • clickable images
  • buttons (including more stylish “buy now” buttons)
  • FAQ section
  • and more!

Bonus videos

  • How to install the Visual Composer plugin (sometimes it’s a little tricky, so I’ll walk you through it)
  • How to add testimonial bubbles like the ones below

I’ve also included a PDF cheat sheet so you can follow along with the video without having to take notes.

So check out the sales page that I created in one day. If you’re tired of trying to fumble your way around WordPress and you don’t really want to hire out for a quick task, arm yourself with this skill. Download the plugin, spend 30 minutes with me through the course and become a sales page design pro! Or, at least, that’s what people will think. 😉

I hope to see you inside!

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