Do you want to make a fillable PDF so that clients can easily fill out forms and email them back to you? Check out these free online resources.

I have not used either of these tools, but they come recommended by my fellow BSchoolers, so they must have some validity. Of course, you can make fillable PDFs using Microsoft Word if you have Adobe Pro. But if you don’t have Adobe Pro, don’t let that stop you!

Why am I sharing this? Having professional documents helps build your credibility. You look like the real deal.

You can use fillable PDFs for things like

  • health history forms
  • pre-cleanse “intake” forms
  • evaluation form or survey after a webinar or cleanse

Important: Remind your clients to save the PDF onto their computer before they fill it out. Otherwise, it could all be lost. Then, they can fill out the form, save it, and email it back to you.

Take action now! Check out these tools and imagine how you can use a fillable PDF to help your practice. Post some ideas in the comments to help your fellow coaches brainstorm.