Good news! You can now send email automation (or autoresponders) through MailChimp for free! They announced this change earlier this week and it could not be better timing.

What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are a sequence of emails that are sent after someone signs up for your list.

Campaigns or broadcasts are different. They are emails that are sent once, to everyone on your list at a specific time.

What does this mean for you?

MailChimp’s change means that if you have a small list (fewer than 2,000 subscribers), you don’t have to upgrade to the paid version of MailChimp in order to send autoresponders. If you are paying, you can downgrade to the free version. It also means:

  • You can immediately deliver your opt-in gift to people who sign up
  • You can deliver your cleanse or detox program without paying to upgrade (health coaches, rejoice!)
  • You can automate all of your emails so that people get to read every email you send (I set up all of my emails in a sequence and I love this process. Read about it here.)
  • You can create a welcome sequence, aka welcome funnel, aka sales funnel

This announcement is perfect timing because in late May / early June, I plan to hold a 5-day Funnel challenge. Over the course of 5 days, I’ll guide you through the process of writing your own welcome/sales funnel. We’ll create your funnel together! Then, you can use MailChimp to deliver it to your list.

Having a welcome funnel introduces people to your brand. It tells them more about you, what people say about working with you, gives them more valuable goodies, and shows them how to take the next step to work with you.

Want more details about MailChimp’s announcement and how to take advantage? Read this post from MailChimp and keep your eyes on your inbox for my 5-day Funnel announcement.

P.S. Why do I recommend MailChimp when I use ConvertKit? I definitely recommend ConvertKit too, but when you’re just starting out or you only have 1 opt-in gift, MailChimp is an easy, inexpensive way to grow your list and send newsletters. ConvertKit is perfect for people who have more than 1 opt-in gift.

Have questions? Book a 15-minute conversation with me and I’ll help you find the right tool for your business.