Lean in — I’m sharing a big “Eureka!” moment that has helped me hit my goals for 2017 in the first quarter of 2017.

This one thing has helped me:

  • Travel more for business and leisure
  • Form strategic (& profitable!) partnerships
  • Be invited to speak at conferences

And the best part?

It doesn’t feel like work.

I’m talking about the way video has allowed me to really transform the way I do business. On the one hand, it’s just me talking into a camera.

But when you’re on video, what people see is you expressing yourself authentically — and this draws the opportunities you’re looking for in a really powerful and instant way!

Lesson learned: Authenticity is Powerful.

Sure, it doesn’t feel like “work” anymore, but video definitely used to feel scary and overwhelming (putting myself out there on camera? No thank you!)

But here’s the alternative: reaching out to people used to suck, no one showed up anyway and my goals felt scattered in the dust, left to chance.

When I started my health coaching business four years ago, I was hosting local events. I spent hours marketing, emailing, calling people (my greatest fear), and getting prepared with notes and ideas.

And three people would show up.

Of course, I gave those three people the best presentation they’d ever seen, but man, it was exhausting! After a year, three people became twelve. Moral of the story: I wasn’t exactly reaching the masses with my message.

Then, I discovered video.

I could make a video from my office (hello, introvert’s dream!) and share with people. They’d share it with their people. Soon, more than 100 people had seen my video. They were taking action and getting results.

And this meant that I was seeing results in my business.

Today, I make 2-3 videos per week. It’s actually been so fun to prop up my phone in a windowsill, turn on the camera, and talk directly to my ideal client. I don’t have to call a stranger or print handouts. I just turn on my camera and talk to you.

It is growing my business, reaching more people, and it’s making my work life feel more like a dream.

So how do you get started? Simple: learn and create valuable business content at the same time.

Join me and video-pro Niamh for a free challenge where you’ll learn to love video. The challenge is designed to:

  • Show you that video in business is about connection, not perfection
  • Use video to reach people in an authentic way with a short, two-minute video
  • Help you create a useful mini-library of content to get you up and running
  • Practice consistency, consistently
  • Help you harness the most low-tech components to scale up!

If your business goals are high-touch — reaching more people with less stress on your part — and connecting with the right opportunities, using video will be as effective for you as it was for me.

You’re literally 10 days away from reaching your business goals in 2017. Sign up here.