Lessons from my first challenge launch » Terra Milo

Last week, I wrapped up my first “launch” in years. Of course, I’ve helped other people launch programs but I haven’t done a big date-specific launch for myself. I finally did it and it was so fun!

I also learned a lot, and I want to share some of those lessons with you, the good and the bad.

Let’s start with the bad. (Cause we gotta start somewhere.)

First, I had to push it back 3 weeks! I got sick, which meant my brain was sluggish and my voice didn’t work. No good for a video-based challenge.

Lesson learned: Your health comes first, even if you set a deadline for yourself.


I decided to run ads for the challenge. I wrote some copy, made some videos, and set a budget.


I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to do ads for my own business. Ha! I’m good at creating ads for other people, but not for myself.

Lesson learned: Next time, I’ll consult an expert.

I used Instagram a lot to promote the challenge, but the Instagram algorithm changed. I had been getting 40-70 likes on my posts and now I was getting around 20. I had to adjust my strategy here.

Lesson learned: analyze and adjust, quickly.

Ok, now for the good stuff.


I posted in a few groups and got good engagement and signups.

Even though it was scary, I emailed my list a few times about the challenge. Most of my signups came from my own list. For that, I am so grateful.

Lesson learned: Social media is unreliable. The value is in the list.

I also kept being of service in groups, without mentioning my challenge. I like to help people because it’s fun (and good karma).

Mechanics and Tech Stuff

The best thing I did was batch my content. I created all the videos and emails on one day. Not my most exciting day, but it was such a huge relief to get it all done at once.

Then I could get back to enjoying life outside of work.

Scheduling content was also super helpful. I could rest easy (and enjoy life) knowing that my Facebook posts and emails were scheduled.

Getting honest with myself

I mentioned that ads didn’t do very well. To be honest, I didn’t get as many signups as I wanted and I was feeling a bit down about it. As I was journaling, I had to get honest with myself and acknowledge that I really didn’t do THAT MUCH promotion at all. I didn’t tell as many people as possible, so of course I didn’t get 1000 people to sign up. They didn’t even know about it!

(I’m going to blame my flu a little bit for sapping my energy. I did my best and I really couldn’t promote it more than I did, with the energy I had.)

It’s the same for other areas of business. If people don’t know, they can’t act. So, be sure you’re telling people about your work. Give them a chance to sign up with you.

My takeaways for you

Plan and batch your content ahead of time. For challenges or anything else. It helps so much.

Before you beat yourself up about numbers, be honest with yourself about how much you promoted your work.

What’s next

After I wrapped up the challenge, I realized that people had learned what to update on their website or in their emails, but they didn’t learn HOW to make those changes.

So I created a course to show you how to do Quality Assurance in your business.

I’ve opened the course up to everyone, not just the people who took the challenge.

In fact, the first module of the course is the challenge so you can see exactly how to do this QA check in your business.

You’ll get to see the client experience. You’ll check links (and fix any broken links). You’ll sign up for an appointment with yourself (and update your confirmation emails with one CRUCIAL piece of information that many entrepreneurs miss). And so much more!

Essentially, in the course, you’ll learn how to really step into your client’s shoes, see your business through their eyes, and then you’ll make any changes or updates that need to be made in order to provide people a superior experience.

You might think you already know, but remember, thinking “I already know this” is poison to life and business. It’s always smart to take a look at opportunities to make your business better.

That’s what the challenge and the Quality Assurance course are all about.

Learn more here and sign up. Your clients will be so grateful!