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Funny story… one of the things my clients compliment me on is my legal documents. It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

My legal documents stand out because they’re written in plain English so they’re easy to read.

They may not be sexy, but legal documents are all about connecting me as a business owner to you the client and creating a safe space for both of us to work in.

A lot of times, in my line of work, people are giving me private sensitive information (like passwords) and I want to be sure they feel safe giving me that information.

If you’re a coach, they might be sharing health information with you and you both want to be sure that that information is safe.

That’s why it’s important to have good contracts, and that’s why I’m so excited to partner up with Lisa Fraley. She’s a Legal Coach™ for entrepreneurs like us.

I’ve known Lisa for years. When I first started out as a health coach, she was doing legal documents for coaches who were selling detox programs. Now she and I have partnered up to make sure that you have the legal documents you need to protect your business.

Here’s a link to Lisa’s store where you can buy document templates and you can get just the ones you need.

I recommend things like the Website Protection Package that gives you a Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and a Disclaimer about your website and how you use information.

And I definitely recommend the Client Agreement. The client agreement is so… kind. It’s not one of those overwhelming legalease contracts that makes your clients think, “I need to have my lawyer look at this.” It’s like “here’s what happens when we work together, the cost, how to contact me, and what to do if either of us is unhappy with the relationship.”

Take a look at some of the others, too. If you run a group program like a detox or cleanse, you might want the Mini-Disclaimer, and if you have an affiliate program, you might want the Affiliate Agreement to lay out the terms of your affiliate program.

After you get the legal templates from Lisa, I will teach you how to put them on your website or send that client agreement to your clients so they can easily sign it online and send it back to you. That’s our partnership — you get those documents from her and I will show you how to put them on your website.

I’m excited because I know that these are two things that really stop people from launching their business — having legal documents in place and the technology to make things happen, so we are partnering up to make sure that you get both of those bases covered and we’re going to do it in a fun and easy way that helps you really serve your clients.

We’re taking care of all of that for you and I’m so excited to be partnering up with Lisa!

Let me know if you have any questions. I bought all of her legal documents so I can answer any questions for you about them.

If you buy one of the documents using my link, I will get a little bit of financial gratitude from Lisa at no extra cost to you, and I will be super grateful if you do.