Last week, I had a vendor table at a wellness fair for human resources professionals. I was so excited because Corporate Wellness is all the rage, right? It seems like the most efficient way to build your business.

I learned a lot of lessons at this conference and I wanted to share them with you. Of course, these are specific to my area and they may be different where you live.

Companies are looking for health coaches

Yes! Good news.

However, I found that they often have connections to “lunch and learn” providers (aka health coaches) through their insurance company. For example, the health insurance company will send health coaches to the company to conduct sessions about nutrition, stress, or exercise. I didn’t find a lot of interest in companies contracting directly with a person to provide these services. They seemed to be more comfortable working with another company.

It’s not the end of the world… just something to keep in mind. But, I also found a few creative solutions to this challenge.

Be different

One thing that I offer, that many other people don’t, is cooking demos. My cooking demos are really fun, simple, and effective. People love them, and companies are interested in having me offer cooking demos. Hooray!

So, be different. Everyone offers a Sugar Blues or Eating for Energy talk. They are very effective and fun, and I really love giving talks about those topics. But, if you want to get your foot in the door, you need to be different. Really tap in to your passion, whether it’s mindfulness, stress, or communication.

Connect with other vendors

The best lesson I learned was to make connections with other vendors. When one employer said she uses Company XYZ to offer Lunch and Learn sessions, I noticed that Company XYZ also had a table at the event, I made a bee line straight for that table! I introduced myself and told the representative that I love giving workshops and corporate wellness talks, and how can I get on her list of providers.

It worked! I have a call in a couple weeks, and I’m so excited. This will take a lot of stress off my shoulders because she already has contacts at the companies where I want to give talks. All I have to do is impress her, be flexible, and show up!


(Warning: you may want to get a mug of chamomile tea or maybe hold a kitten when you read about this.)
I met a lot of other health coaches at the event. Many of them were certified through Wellcoaches, so I made a note to look them up when I get home. I encourage you do to the same, but be prepared. I’m not going to go into specifics. My only recommendation here is to include Integrative Nutrition in your elevator speech and mention that we learn hundreds of dietary theories and that we are trained by doctors (name them specifically), spiritual leaders, and relationship experts.

What to bring

vendor tableThis is what I brought to the event

  • A resume-style handout that detailed the different workshops I could offer, a little about me, and some other companies where I’ve spoken
  • Tesitmonials (on the back of the handout)
  • Newsletter signup sheet
  • Cucumber water (no one drank it, but it was pretty)
  • Business cards and brochures
  • Your Integrative Nutrition book
  • Confidence
  • An outgoing friend!

I hope this was helpful. Have you done an event like this? How did it go? Post your comments below so we can help each other.