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This is a fun story, because I got to really put on my thinking cap.

My client Barbara came to me with a big puzzle. It went like this:

She’s a content coach who mainly works with people 1:1, but she created a weekly co-working accountability group program called “On Fridays, We Write”. (I love that name!)

She wanted to keep it small at first to make sure the idea had legs. A small initial launch is brilliant!

People can sign up for one month at a time and they don’t automatically renew.

She uses Squarespace for her website, Acuity for scheduling and as the payment processor, and Mailchimp for emails.

There’s no Facebook group, no membership platform, no Paypal button. It all runs through Acuity!

I’ve never seen a setup like this, but it’s what she wanted. It was simple but it totally works! She didn’t want to change systems and I didn’t want to force her into a system she didn’t need.

She spoke to other tech and marketing experts and they all wanted her to sign up for a different tool – probably because they’d get a big affiliate commission from it. But it wasn’t what she wanted. She just wanted to trial this program as is to make sure it’s going to work.

The best part is… people bought it!

Here’s what she wrote me later

On Fridays, We Write is working and it’s working easily and it wouldn’t be if you hadn’t streamlined the tech end of things for me. That had been my sticking point for moving it from free to paid and you WD-40’d that “problem” right into submission. 


She launched the week after we set everything up. It was a bit of a nail-biter for me, but it worked because she had clients ready to buy.

People don’t buy from you because you use Kajabi or ClickFunnels or Infusionsoft. They buy because you offer something they need.

That’s it! Create something people want, tell them about it, and deliver it in a way that works.

If you want to chat about your next offering and how we can put it together to make it easy for you and effective for your clients, book a call with me here. I’d love to solve another mystery! ;)

P.S. Here’s Barbara’s website, in case you’re looking for a content coach or a co-working group.