I have quit being Your Computer Girl at least twice, maybe three times.

Why? I’ll tell you right here.

It wasn’t fun and I’m not proud of it, but I’m back and now I want to tell you what happened and how I’m making sure I don’t quit on you again…

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been telling the story about the re-birth of Computer Girl. But why did I quit being Computer Girl in the first place? It was all about the money blocks.

I let others devalue me. I de-valued myself. I felt guilty for accepting money for something I’m good at. I gave away too much time and energy for free.

Those are money blocks. They robbed me of my passion, joy, and success.

happy terraEven worse, they robbed my potential clients of the confidence they get when they learn to write their newsletter on their own or upgrade their website.

Money blocks suck.

That miraculous swimming lesson I wrote about a few weeks ago didn’t wipe out all of my money blocks in one stroke (pun intended).

What did help? Denise Duffield-Thomas and her Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

Doing her course and having the support of her amazing Facebook Group gave me the strength to open my business and attract more clients.

If you feel guilty for helping people, like you’re broke all the time and no money is coming, like you should just give up and get a job, you need to check out the Money Bootcamp. Her course is the best investment I’ve made in myself and my business, ever.

It’s not all about the money, although it could be. It’s about feeling gratitude, forgiving past events, noticing abundance all around, and attracting more goodness into your life.

Try my new mantra (repeat after me): “I’m so lucky. Good things happen to me all the time.”
I learned that one from Denise. Infusing that little bit of positivity into your day will change everything. Try it every day and see what happens in your life!

What kind of money blocks do you have? How are you allowing them to hold you back?

I want to see you thrive in your life and business. So try my lucky mantra and check out the Money Bootcamp. Even if you don’t sign up, I encourage you to discover your own money blocks and what you can do about them.

P.S. No more discounts. No more working for free. No more guilt!

Am I promoting the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp? Yes. Because it has changed my life. Denise has helped open my eyes to a new level of gratitude, confidence, and of course, money in my life and business.

If you sign up for her course using my link, I’ll give you a special bonus gift – lifetime admission to my AMA Membership!

Want a taste of Denise’s style? Here’s a free course on how to get money in 24 hours!