Introducing the Half Hippie Podcast » Terra Milo

I did it! I made a podcast!

It started because I’ve been a bit burned out for a while and I wanted to do something to express my passion for sustainability, and a way to connect with new people.

It has already brought me that and more!

On the Half Hippie Podcast, we talk about sustainability and entrepreneurship and how we can all be a half hippie and make a big difference.

It’s my gift to myself this year, and I hope it’s a gift for you too.

🎁 I get to use my creative side and my technical skills.
🎁 I get to meet and talk with people who are doing cool stuff in the world.
🎁 I get to express my passion in a way that’s fun and valuable (I hope!).

It just keeps giving and giving.

I hope you get as much out of it as I do.

Making a podcast is a LOT of work, so it’s truly a labor of love.

You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. Check out for a list. It’s on Instagram too @halfhippiepodcast.

This is more of a personal project and not directly related to my business, so if you want updates about new episodes, you can join the Half Hippie Newsletter here. I’ll send you my Half Hippie Essentials guide to my 10 favorite things that help reduce your impact on the planet.

I’m so excited and I hope you enjoy it!