I’ve been published!

Are you afraid of your website? Scared you’ll break something, or too nervous to even start creating it? I’ve got 3 magical* ways you can feel more empowered and savvy around your website. (one will surprise you!)

I wrote this article for Inspired COACH magazine, part of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. It’s all about the journey we go through when we become coaches. The passion and inspiration we feel about our work, the clients we envision helping. And then… the website module arrives.


Creating your website, sending a newsletter, and starting a social media presence for your business can feel overwhelming. In this article, you’ll see what to do about it.

inspired-coachmagazine-coverIn addition to my article, you’ll see

  • A value-packed piece about how to get great photography
  • An interview with coach and author, Jennifer Lee
  • How to recover when your launch flops
  • 7 powerful ways to become an inspired coach

and more.

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I just finished reading it and I freaking LOVE this issue! I’m so proud to be included.

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