I’m so sneaky!

Do you ever sneak over to your website, add awesome programs, and then never tell people about them? I do it all the time!

Sometimes I sneak into my blog and write a really inspired post… that I NEVER share with anyone! My latest sneaky program creation is really quite cool. Should I tell you about it? Yes? Ok! Well, maybe. In a second.

crazy girlWhy do we do this? (I’m assuming I’m not the only one who’s afraid to share her gifts with the world.)

Are we afraid no one will sign up?
Are we afraid no one will like it?
Maybe too many people will sign up and we won’t be able to handle all those clients.
We definitely don’t want to make our fellow entrepreneurs feel jealous of our success.
Are we afraid to be called a show off?

These are pretty crazy reasons, right? We all have a gift to share and we were given that gift for a reason. It’s our responsibility to share it!

Now you’re probably thinking, “no, my gift isn’t big enough.” Listen up. It is! Your gifts are essential! As are mine.

We are all inspired on this path because the world needs us.

So, what programs are you hiding? What blogs have you written but not shared?

I dare you this week to shout them from the rooftops. Tell someone about your program every day. Yes, even if you post it in my Facebook Group. We’ll count that as a share!

Oh, my new program? Yes… It’s an Ask Me Anything Membership and it’s awesome! You can ask me anything about technology, business, marketing, even launch strategy and pricing. (Despite my “sneaky” launches, I have studied a lot of launch strategy and would love to help you with yours.)

You can get more information and sign up here.

I’ll confess, I’m nervous to put this out into the world, but at the same time, it feels SO good! Now, go share your program, blog post, or business!

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Write great content, consistently. Sign up here for my FREE Editorial Calendar training!
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