“If they wanted to, they would”... not necessarily » Terra Milo

When I started telling people about my new role focused on sustainability, someone said, “If they wanted to be more sustainable, they would.” 

As if people know what to do, they have clarity around exactly what action to take and they just don’t want to make things better. 

I don’t think that’s true! 

There is so much information (and misinformation) out there that it’s actually hard to take action.

What do you do first?

It’s overwhelming to know where to start and what really matters, whether that’s around sustainability or marketing (or whatever transformation you help people with). 

People need inspiration, guidance, and support so they can move forward. 

I’m here to help you get clarity around your marketing messages, especially for companies in the sustainability space. I can help you hone your message so you can tell people the benefits of your work and inspire them to join your mission.

My goal is to get you in front of your ideal clients so you can do your good work in the world. 

Maybe you need an expert website review with a UX lens, an exciting content strategy, a personalized yet automated onboarding experience, or an actionable email sequence.

I’m here for you! Book a chat with me and let’s get started.

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