I won a contest recently using my super lucky manifesting system. It’s an 8-step system that has worked for me over and over again.

Using just some of the steps in the system, I’ve won

  • concert tickets to see Elvis Costello!
  • a fun prize at a book reading!
  • tuition to an amazing training course that will help my business!

This time, the contest involved writing “Sensitivity is my Superpower” on my palm and posting an Instagram picture of it with #sensitivityismysuperpower and tag @Chakredy, the contest sponsor and the name of the course I want to take.

Fun! I love Instagram and doing silly things like writing on my hand!

The winning picture:

sensitivity is my superpower

How did I do it? Listen to my podcast to find out! I talk about the story behind the picture and go more in depth into my system and my lucky mantra.

Here’s what I did

  1. Start with a great idea
  2. Get other people involved
  3. Tell other people you won
  4. Believe it!
  5. Put important dates in your calendar
  6. Say your lucky mantra
  7. Keep telling people about it
  8. Bonus: Ground yourself outside at the critical moment

These are all the steps I took to win this contest. No one else had a chance! (Except maybe my manifesting teacher, Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas herself. I love her Manifesting Course!)

Here is my lucky mantra that I learned from Denise. I say it all the time and then I win.

“I’m so lucky. Good things happen to me all the time.”

It’s an amazing little mindset shift that helps you see things from a new perspective. Instead of saying, “ugh. This happens to me all the time,” you can make this simple shift to see your circumstances as lucky. It’s simple yet powerful.

Take action now

Check out Denise’s Manifesting Course and say the lucky mantra. Then, let me know what you win!

Do you have a winning system? Post it here and share your luck with us!