I disagree » Terra Milo

Let’s talk about something I’ve seen happen in business and marketing courses that I disagree with. Here’s how it goes.

You’re taking a course about how to grow your business and you find out that you need all these systems and tools. You just want to help people, not deal with all this technology.

So you ask how to actually make this stuff work and you’re told to hire a virtual assistant.

I disagree with this response for 3 reasons

  • it’s expensive
  • it’s unreliable
  • it’s disempowering

I prefer to teach you how so you have the language you need to ask for what you need around technology. Then you can hire a team!

There’s a lot of power in knowing how to do it yourself. You know how to communicate exactly what you need. And if, for some reason, your virtual assistant isn’t doing that work anymore, you know how to keep your business afloat while you find a new support system.

Learning how to do this yourself gives you so much long-term value. You’re in charge. You’re the queen (or king) of your business!

Even if you hire someone to do it for you, it’s so empowering to know what’s going on behind the scenes of your business. That knowledge gives you strength to ask for what you need and get it done.