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Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Every few weeks, I chat with a fellow coach about just how lonely it feels. We both attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the HMBA Deep Dive in transformational coaching. We know how to motivate and encourage others.

As entrepreneurs, though, we sit at our computers and try so hard to get our message out into the world. Sometimes we feel heard, and sometimes we just… don’t.

Hello out there! Can anybody hear me?

Health coaches and life coaches are kind of like “professional cheerleaders.” We’re always encouraging and supporting other people.

But who is our cheerleader?

I’ve got good news and bad news: it’s us. We have to encourage and believe in ourselves in order to keep this bus moving forward.

But I’ve got a fun way to infuse that encouragement, support, and abundance into your online space! It will feel like your cheerleader is the universe! Let’s just agree that it’s true. The universe is your cheerleader.

You just have to set it up… give the universe a little space to show you just how awesome you are. You can set these things up to automatically remind you of all that. Every day.

And maybe you’ll feel a little less alone. That’s my goal.

Let these infuse your online space and show you that abundance and joy are all around.

Here are 4 things you can do.

Set up your “ideal day” email background

What am I talking about?! You can customize your gmail background to be something that inspires you. I’ve got a picture of Prague as my background. I see it everyday and it reminds me of travel, beauty, and of course, abundance.

Watch this 2-minute video and see exactly how to set it up!

Was that fun or what? First assignment… infuse abundance into your gmail background!

Use the magic hashtags

magic hashtags fbWe’ve talked about this before, right here. Using the right hashtags will attract the right people to your space, and they’ll help you feel inspired and connected.

Woohoo! We’re on a roll.

Assignment #2, read about the magic hashtags.

Need a little help finding yours? Tag me on Instagram and I’ll brainstorm with you! @terramilo

Add abundant reminders to your calendar

This is one of my favorite tricks. It makes me giggle every time!

Add some positivity reminders to your calendar and they’ll pop up on your phone… sneaky little love notes from you (aka, the universe) that give you encouragement and show you just how amazing you are.

This video will show you how to set up your calendar of abundance infusion.

Want some inspiration? Sprinkle these reminders throughout your week. Repeat for maximum joy.

  • You have so many clients!
  • You’re getting closer to your goals every day. Keep it up!
  • You’re so pretty!
  • You are transforming people’s lives! #gratitude
  • Awesome week! Keep up the good work.
  • You are ready for this. You can do it!
  • Plan for success. It’s coming!
  • I believe in you

Are the ideas flowing? Check out the video and set those reminders.

Plan for success. No really, put it in your calendar.

Did I say that last one was my favorite? This one is! It’s so sneaky and silly, it just has to work.

If you’ve got a goal to be published as a guest blogger, or featured on a podcast, or speak at a conference, go ahead and put it in your calendar now. As if it’s already happened. Mark the date and it will be.

It has to happen; it’s in your calendar!

I’ve done this with one of my goals and the effect is two-fold:

  1. I will keep working on it until I reach it because it would be a hassle to rearrange my calendar if it doesn’t work out. Having this date marked is pushing me to contact people and make it happen!
  2. I don’t want to disappoint my readers. You see, I’ve planned to tell you about where I’ve been published by the end of June. I want to be a guest blogger or interviewed, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. So, it’s in my editorial calendar to email you about where I’ve been published and what I wrote about.

Wanna peek? I made another quick video to show you how I put my goals into my editorial calendar.

Speaking of my editorial calendar, do you want to make one too? Check out my FREE Newsletter Inspiration course that will show you how to generate 6 months worth of newsletter content and create an awesome editorial calendar just like that one!

Where did I learn these tricks for manifesting abundance?

I learned my manifesting mojo from the Queen B, Denise Duffield-Thomas, aka Lucky Bitch. She has a FREE manifesting course that gives you even more goodies to sneak into your day. When you use her manifesting formula, you will not only feel abundant, but you will BE abundant!

And it’s free! Nothing to lose. Watch her training video here. (P.S. My husband watched it and he still has the worksheet hanging in our house to remind him of the steps!)

Take Action Now

Comment below and let me know that you hear me. 😉 And tell me which of these tricks you’re going to use. Then, go make it happen! Those videos will show you exactly how to do it. You will be feeling loved and supported and abundant in no time!