How to create

Email Sequences

that serve your clients and make your business easier!


When someone signs up for your opt-in freebie, you want to deliver a sequence of emails to welcome them into your world… your business. That’s exactly what we’re talking about here!

You might have heard it called a

  • welcome sequence
  • nurture sequence
  • sales funnel

I call it an email sequence.

I’ve created a course to show you how to write the first 5 emails of the welcome sequence — the marketing strategy and content PLUS the tech piece so you can implement with ease.

Who needs this

If you have an opt-in freebie, I highly suggest using an email sequence to welcome your new subscribers while they’re excited about your work. They found you and signed up… they want solutions and you’re the one who can help them!

If you’re running Facebook ads, you definitely want an email sequence to follow up with those new leads. (Otherwise, you get leads and they gather dust on your list. Maximize your ad budget by converting your new leads into clients!)

If you want to get more 1:1 clients or more people to buy your course, sending a high-value welcome sequence will set you up as the expert and remind them that you have the answers they’re looking for.

(There was a time in my business when I got a new client every time I sent an email. I want that for you!)

The solution

In this course, I’ll walk you through how to write those emails (the content and marketing strategy) and then I will also show you the techie side of how to actually set this up in MailChimp, ConvertKit, and MailerLite so that you can take action right away.

You get the writing content marketing strategy AND how to actually plug this in and get it going in your email system.

Why this works

I love putting all emails into a sequence in an email sequence because it warms up your clients.

Your sequence welcomes them into your business so they see what it’s like to work with you, what value you’re going to bring to their life, and how you’re going to help them.

They get tons of valuable content, but you don’t have that pressure of trying to put out a weekly email or even bi-weekly or monthly. People are always going through a sequence so you simply add to the end of that sequence.

The other really awesome thing about plugging everything into a sequence is you can be constantly launching without the pressure and stress of a launch

Essentially, my email sequence is always inviting people to work with me 1-on-1 which is awesome, and I’ve got my courses  sprinkled throughout my sequence so people are  being taken through a funnel where they get a free gift that they can take action on, some high-value emails related to the topic, and then a sales email. 

So I’m constantly launching all of these mini-courses without even knowing it! I don’t have to worry about launching… my sequence does it for me.

(This works for me because my courses are evergreen, so if you have more timely courses that have a deadline, then sending a broadcast might work better for you. But, having a welcome sequence is still really valuable for bringing people into your business.)


What’s included

Writing Module

  • Welcome email
  • Testimonial Builder
  • Tripwire email (make a small sale)
  • High-value email
  • Editorial Calendar
  • a SWIPEFILE of my emails!


Tech Module

  • Write an Ongoing Campaign or Sequence
  • Create a Form
  • Automation Rules and Tags 
  • Opt-in Plugins 
  • Email design tips for optimum deliverability

In this course

I’ll show you how to

  • write a welcome email to deliver the opt-in freebie
  • get awesome testimonials 
  • continue to write high-value emails
  • create an editorial calendar so you keep writing

Then you’ll see how to

  • create a signup form
  • write an email sequence or ongoing campaign
  • flow people from your opt-in freebie into your welcome sequence
  • keep building on your sequence

In MailChimp, ConvertKit, and MailerLite.


Which programs will I learn?

You’ll learn how to set up a sequence in MailChimp, ConvertKit, and MailerLite.

I recommend MailChimp if you’re just starting out and you have 1 opt-in. Once you have more than 1 opt-in gift, take a look at ConvertKit and MailerLite.

What if I want 1:1 support?

Yes, we can definitely work together to create your sequence! Get the course plus 1:1 sessions with me here.

I don't have a list yet. Will this help?

Yes! Now is the perfect time to start building your sequence. As your list grows, everyone in your sequence will receive your best emails. I’ll show you how to set things up to be successful, starting now!

Because these services are digital, the content is personal and immediately available, it cannot be returned or refunded. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me and we’ll make it right.

This training does not guarantee you will get more clients. It is intended to give you confidence and technical skills so you can offer products and services online, and add potential clients to your list.

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