My health coaching clients often tell me that the most beneficial part of the coaching program is the homework or “challenges” I give them at the end of each session. They all say that taking action really brings the session to life and helps them get results.

This made me realize, we should be doing this in our blogs and newsletters too!

Our readers learn a lot from our blogs and newsletters, and while we have their attention, we have an opportunity to add value by giving them action items to take away and implement in their daily lives.

They’ll take action, see results, and attribute their success to your great advice! (Remember, whether they sign up as a client or not, our goal is to make a difference in people’s lives.)

How do you do this?

By giving your newsletters and blogs a TAN – Take Action Now!

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing this recently here on my blog and in my newsletters. It’s a trick I learned in B-School and one that I think is really useful.

I’m trying to inspire you to take action and grow your business! Has it worked? Are you getting inspired to write newsletters and blogs? I hope so!

Let’s take this idea one step further to make it really effective.
When you begin writing your blog post, try to reverse engineer your thinking. That is, think about the action step or goal first, and then write the post. Add the TAN at the end of the post. This will help you organize your thoughts, and it will make your content more relevant and meaningful for your readers.

For example, I recently sent a newsletter about healthy travel. I encouraged readers to hit “reply” and tell me their favorite way to stay healthy while traveling. Whether they replied or not, they were sparked to think about how they could be more healthy on the road. Another TAN would be to have them make a list of their favorite fresh snacks to take in the car, or to comment on my blog about their healthy travel strategies.

Take Action Now! Look at your next newsletter or blog post and make sure it has an action item. If not, give it one and post your idea in the comments below. If you’re stumped, we can brainstorm your TAN together!