Web Summit is Europe’s biggest tech and marketing conference and I attended here in Lisbon.

I focused my agenda on the future of marketing (and how tech affects sustainability and social justice) and I’m spilling all the juicy details.

A few of the sessions talked about Gen Z, the generation after Millenials. The oldest members of Gen Z are around 24 years old, so they’re finishing college and entering the workforce.

Why does it matter?

Even if they’re not your clients now, marketing trends will shift to meet their needs and we need to keep up with these new trends.

We need to stay on our toes and evolve as technology grows. Plus, it’s fun to know what’s coming next.

Let’s take a look at the Gen Z values first, and then how it affects marketing.

Gen Z values

Here are a few things they value:

  • creativity
  • speed
  • they’re tech-savvy
  • consensus-driven – not so individualistic
  • experience over ownership
  • ethical behavior

Now, how does that affect marketing? Let’s take a look.

In terms of marketing, they want

  • a good user experience
  • personalization
  • inclusiveness
  • mentorship
  • 30-second sound bites (not 5 minutes!)
  • video, lots of video

That’s a lot to chew on and I can’t do it all alone, so I’m hosting a roundtable on Dec. 4 to talk about the future of marketing. Please join me! You can sign up here.

    See you in the roundtable!