Freebies vs. Paid » Terra Milo

Let’s talk pricing! Specifically freebies vs paid products. I’m someone who needs to invest in order to take action. Most people do. If we don’t pay, it’s too easy to let the free thing sit, thinking we’ll “do it later.”

But later never comes, we don’t take action, and nothing changes.

I saw this for myself when I signed up for two freebies last month, fully intending to do them. But I never did! Even though I really wanted the results they were promising, I didn’t take action because they were free.

I had nothing to lose.

So even though, as coaches, we want to be generous and we have really good intentions, our clients often don’t get any benefit when we give everything away for free.

Giving information for free is perfect. Action and accountability need to be paid, in order to get results.

Sidenote: that’s why I’m so excited that my friend Niamh decided to make her video challenge a paid offering. I was one of the people who finished the challenge and got massive results (confidence on video), but a lot of people signed up and never finished. That doesn’t help anyone, so she decided to make it a paid offering (just $20) because she knows that people are more likely to finish something they pay for.

It’s the same amazing content that took me from feeling frustrated to confident making videos. Now it’s actually fun for me to make videos.

During the challenge, she gives a little tip and a prompt every day so you learn something and implement it right away. It’s like having a video training course for $20.

At the end of her challenge, you might not have studio-quality videos, but you will be able to make videos that truly connect to your audience. That’s the juicy stuff. You’ll learn how to use what you already have (your phone) to make videos like the one I posted here.

Check out the Ignite Video Challenge here. By the end, you’ll actually enjoy making videos!