I remember the first webinar I hosted. It was 2013 and I was still working my full-time job and studying to become a health coach. My fellow coaches wanted to learn how to create a Facebook business page, and I said I would teach them in a webinar.

I was terrified.

That’s an understatement. I had attended a lot of webinars for my job, but I had never led one. I don’t think I was even running my own Facebook Page for business, and that was the topic I had chosen.

But I knew I could help.

That’s all it took to host a webinar. I knew I could help people go from frustrated and confused to confident and empowered.

More than 100 people signed up for my webinar! I probably tested my webinar tool — AnyMeeting — with my husband a few minutes before the webinar started. (I’m such a procrastinator! Note to self: test before the day of the webinar.)

Long story short, it was awesome! So many people joined live and got a ton of value. They took action and started their Facebook Page. Most of them now have more followers than I have!

So I was nervous, but that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that I had never hosted a webinar before. It didn’t matter that I didn’t have a big following on a Facebook Page.

host a webinarWhat mattered was that they needed help, and I knew I could teach them. That’s it!

You don’t have to be perfect to make a difference in the world. (Thank goodness!) If you have something to teach, and people want to learn it, you can host a webinar.

But how?

On Wednesday, July 20, at 1pm Eastern, I’m hosting a webinar about “How to Host Your First (or BEST) Webinar.”

We’ll talk about which tools to use (yes, a little bit of techy stuff), what to say, and what to do after the webinar.

If you’ve joined one of my webinars before, you know they are focused on delivering value, not selling. (no fear tactics here!) I’m going to give you all the goods so you can go out and host an amazing webinar with confidence.

(Plus, I think it’s a lot easier to deliver an amazing webinar if you’re not nervous about the sales pitch at the end.)

Mark your calendar and sign up here so you can get on the live call. There are only 100 spaces available!

Yes, there will be a replay sent out to everyone who signs up. So, save your seat now!

Take Action Now

Tell me in the comments… what do you want to host a webinar about? (psst… this is a good place to generate interest in your upcoming webinar! People will see it and be intrigued by your topic.) Choose something simple and actionable and let us know in the comments below.

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