Fire Starter Sessions

Success is What YOU Make of It

Not your mom. Not your business partner. Not your partner-partner. Not even your accountant (though she may hold the keys to financial health pretty tightly in her all-knowing hand).

Here’s some capital-T Truth for your liberation today:

When you “should” all over yourself, you put out your own fire.

When your Business To-Do List feels wildly out of alignment with your soul…
When you look and wait for permission from others…
When your creativity feels all but forgotten and the cash just ain’t flowin’…

You may be raining all over your own parade. And it’s time to take your power back and ignite some soul into your personal and professional goals.

Enter: The Fire Starter Sessions

Take it from a woman who’s quit her business twice (yep, full disclosure: it’s Yours Truly), granting yourself permission to remember your dreams, Stop Doing, and start listening to your own inner wisdom is the fastest way to re-invigorate your definition of success.

What do you want to want to say NO to? (I bet you can think of at least one thing right now)

How can you define and operate a business on your own terms, that is full of purpose, focused on giving, but tight with boundaries and flush with profit?

When is it going to be your moment to stop compromising, shrinking your opinions, and following the rules that others have set out…but that just don’t work for you?

Hint: It’s when you choose. Which means it can be today. Right now. And in every moment going forward.

What are The Fire Starter Sessions?

The Fire Starter Sessions are as short, as long, as intense, or as broad as you want them to be. You bring the focus, I bring the expert guidance.

Who am I and why am I uniquely positioned to guide you through to your purpose + passion?

I began my entrepreneurial journey as a health coach but I found my combination of soul calling and business sustainability through helping fellow coaches and entrepreneurs with the “tech stuff.” Through a signature blend of one-on-one sessions and my Ask Me Anything! (AMA) format, I’ve been helping coaches hook up all the tech pieces together so they can focus on their Zone of Genius — coaching, mentoring and building a business around their passion.

Most importantly, I’ve been there, from beginning to end. I’ve seen the excitement of the first sale, the misery of a bad month, and everything in between. I’ve dug deep and gone into fetal position. I’ve emerged and shifted and evolved. The tech and biz stuff came easy, but, as it turns out, it’s the soul stuff I’ve had to really work on.

It was only when I started taking a spiritual perspective on how and what I was doing in my business — and what I was doing that I didn’t want to be doing — that things shifted for me. I began to find personal joy and professional satisfaction which only drew the right kind of business in.

Now I’m ready to start some fires by mixing in my Spirit Junkie Masterclass training with a little chakra insight, sprinkle some boundaries and money mindset work, and advanced business training with my BSchool and Holistic MBA training.

These “sessions” are meant to re-ignite the soul in your goals, re-define what success means in your business — and then focus on giving you the tools that will take you from drab to daring greatly in your personal and professional life.

Get ready to thrive, baby, thrive!

Here’s just a small sampling of what you should expect to gain:

  • Discover your zone of genius: instead of “should”ing or doing All The Things, here’s where you should be operating
  • Establish boundaries that help you work and live with quality over quantity: yes, it has a lot to do with self-worth and yes, you are divinely worthy of making way more money with dreamier clients
  • Get to the heart of your goals: figure out what’s really motivating you and shift gears to begin to do only those things that align with your purpose
  • First dreaming, then doing: take our profound wisdom and sacred insight and craft a unique blueprint for your business, a strategy for success with accountability built in

Let’s stoke your fire of desire to succeed — whatever that looks like.

What We’ll Work On Getting “Solved”

The Fire Starter Sessions are all about burning things down to build up again in a new way. We don’t get destructive, we get constructive.

But I can’t guarantee that your business or life will look anything like it does today. Buyer Beware!

What I can say is that you should expect massive change — and the strategies from me to implement that change.

Together, we’ll work on:

  • Articulating your true strengths – this is the Path of Least Resistance that will help you make impact + money easily and effortlessly
  • Answering the 11 Burning Questions – the backbone for our sessions, these 11 questions are essential to getting your ideas flowing in the right direction
  • Setting goals with soul – knowing why you’re chasing what you’re chasing and the feelings behind your desires means you can be flexible in achieving them (there’s more than one way up this mountain and it should always feel good)
  • Time “Focusing” rather than Time Management – learn how to create way more room to create, explore, and play while making meaningful moves in your business and hitting those soul-goals
  • Business for Humans – leave behind the stuff that feels inauthentic, misaligned and disregard what the gurus and cool kids are doing; let’s create a business strategy meant to serve humans

Ready to light it up?

Schedule a Discovery Session with me now! We’ll chat for a few minutes and see if this is the right move for you right now.