I’m of the belief that a successful business has to, at times, bite the bullet and may take on some debt to grow.

But please don’t make the mistake of saddling yourself with a mountain (or even a sand dune) of debt
when you’re just starting out your business.

SO: how do you save money when you’re just starting out? That’s one of the things I discuss on the Financial Fluency podcast with host Jen Turrell.

Besides all the other juicy, money-saving nuggets for my biz folk out there, we get to the nitty-gritty of just how much money you can save through “DIY tech”.

Teach a man to fish and all, y’know…

When you launch your business, you have two options around technology: pay someone to do it for you, or learn how to do it yourself.

Both options have merit. But both are not created equal.

Why? Because, as I’ve seen time and time again, one of these should come before the other.

When you’re starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know. So, sure, you can hire someone to do it for you but they’ll be looking to you for some direction. And you can’t do that without knowing the tech basics of your biz.

And learning that tech doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth or wandering through YouTube videos. Instead, you can focus on feeling empowered around your business, being able to make changes quickly, and having some language to use when you are ready to hire someone.

Learning the basics of running your tech can mean the difference between steady and successful progress for those first 12 months and its sister alternative: crash’n’burn in 9.

Learning at least the basics will save you so much time and money in the long run. Then, when you’ve got enough clients to support it, you can hire a team to handle this techie stuff for you.

That’s the goal! Learn how to do it and then hire someone to do it for you.

In this interview with Jen, we talked about how to make your website, email newsletter, and social media work together for you.

I gave her my best tip for what to do when you get stuck with technology. We also talked about the problem with those YouTube tutorial videos that are showing you how to do things (or how not to).

Take a listen here.

Three birds, one stone: Jen’s smart podcast strategy

Jen not only uploads the audio as a podcast, she also uploads the video as a YouTube video, and then she writes at least 1 article for each guest and posts the article on HuffPo.

Ooh, bet you didn’t guess that was coming! This genius strategy does many things at once:

  • She gets at least 3 media types from each guest and podcast episode: audio, video and print
  • Instead of limiting her blog post to her own site, she “guest posts” and uses her HuffPo account to redirect traffic and build a following on another media site
  • She takes a page out of the Social Media Playbook: don’t treat these content types or social platforms like distribution. Instead, take a couple of extra minutes to repurpose the content and publish it as though it’s native to that platform

But Jen’s promise to herself is she doesn’t waste a whole lot of time stuck with “perfect” content syndrome. Nope. Her business is moving fast so she has to run like a well-oiled machine.

The key is that she doesn’t do a lot of editing, and she keeps a simple template for images. She doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time, and she gets a lot more mileage out of each guest.

So now I encourage you to ask yourself:
How can I get more mileage out of my content?

Confession: Jen’s article about me in HuffPo made me tear up a bit. I was feeling a little emotional and her words hit me at the right time. Take a read.

She’s a great writer and a kind person and getting on her email list means really great business advice — financial and otherwise! Her incredible guests (and my personal favs) include Rachel Bell on Instagram strategy and Michelle Lowbridge’s talk about “Wealthology.”

It’s life-changing stuff, one episode at a time, and I bet you’ll want to binge-listen. Start here. 😉

P.S. I am in the same place on a website as my favorite mentor, Denise Duffield-Thomas! Denise was interviewed on Financial Fluency after me. *feeling famous*



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