A few weeks ago, I was so thrilled and honored to take over the IIN Instagram account. Throughout the day, IIN posted my pictures on their account for all of their followers to see. It was so fun!! I gained some new followers, but interacting with people was the best. We swapped recipes and stories about our passion for pickles or root veggies, as only health coaches do. 😉

Instagram takeover

If you’re not familiar with Instagram, you’ve got to check it out. It’s an app on your smartphone that allows you to take photos and then jazz them up with filters. It’s great for sharing food photos and just showing a “day in the life” snapshot of what it means to be a health coach.

Anyway, through the course of the “Takeover,” I was checking out several people’s Instagram accounts and I found that I couldn’t tell that they were health coaches. Their profile didn’t tell me anything about their passion for helping people live a healthy lifestyle or anything. I had to guess.

This could have been a personal choice, of course. But it could have been an unintentional oversight. Having social media profiles just lets people know that we’re the real deal. This isn’t just our job… it’s our life and our passion.

Do your social media profiles tell people what you do? Take action now! Go to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest profile sections and add a little something about yourself as a health coach. Then come and post a link to your social media profile here on my blog so we can all follow each other!

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