I’ve been teaching a lot of people about Facebook ads lately, people who are highly sensitive and intuitive. Sound familiar?

We have different needs and perspectives when it comes to advertising and marketing.

I know that Facebook ads can feel big and overwhelming, but check this out: Intuitive and highly sensitive people have special gifts that allow us to create more authentic ads that resonate with our ideal clients.

In this video, I share 3 tips for intuitive and highly sensitive people. You’ll see how we can use our intuition to be more successful with ads, and what to do when we’re feeling sensitive about our ad results.

Be Intuitive When Creating Your Ad Set

Your intuition is a gift. Use it when you’re deciding who to advertise to.

Take a deep breath, tune in, and ask yourself, “is this the right audience for this message?”

If you have a feeling that a particular audience or ad set isn’t right for this campaign, go with that instinct, even if that ad set has worked for you in the past. Your intuition guides you in other areas of your life. It will guide you here too.

What to Do When You’re Feeling Sensitive about Results

We’ve all heard stories of .10¢ leads and we feel like we’re a failure if we’re not getting those same results. I get it! It’s easy to look at your numbers and feel like nothing is working.

Before you get caught in the downward spiral of doubt and frustration, I’ve got ONE number for you to look at: Frequency.

When you’re feeling crappy about your ads, look at the Frequency number.

Frequency tells us how many times each person saw your ad (on average). When you’re just starting out and you have a small budget and you’re advertising to a million people, they will likely only see your ad once.

Most people need to see the ad 2-3 times before they opt in.

Here’s how to add the Frequency number to your report in the Ads Manager:

So next time you’re looking at your ad results, remember that it doesn’t mean anything about you, if people aren’t signing up. It all comes down to Frequency.

Be gentle with yourself and let people see your ad more than once. Give them a chance to sign up.

How do you get your frequency number to go up?

  1. Bigger budget and
  2. Smaller ad set.

Spend more money to put your ad in front of a small, targeted group and they’ll see your ad more frequently.

Use Your Intuition to Create Authentic Ad Copy and Images

When you’re writing your ad copy and creating images, tap into your intuition and sensitivity so you can tune in to what your ideal client needs to see today.

Allow your copy and artwork to flow in the newsfeed, not look like an ad. You’ll feel more authentic if your ads are more authentic.

Tell a story, share a video, post a gorgeous picture… paint the possibility.

Don’t try to be a professional advertiser. Be you.

Take Action Now

Ask yourself how you can use your intuition to create authentic marketing that really touches peoples’ lives. And if you liked this video, share it with your friends.