You know how I’m always saying that technology is energy, and when you send a newsletter, you’re sending energy to your potential clients? Well, this week, I have definitive, undeniable proof!

Have you been noticing that online marketing has gotten really…icky?

It’s not just because there’s so much noise out there and we’re having trouble deciding what’s actually high-value and what are just sneaky sales tactics.

It has a lot to do with the intention behind these tactics.

All those “gurus” that promise you get-rich-quick formulas if you attend their retreat, or buy their Ultimate Guide Product or opt-in to their coaching program.

You’re thinking about one of these people now, aren’t you? Good. I want you to hold their image — their icky email copy and their messaging — in your mind as you read this. This is not to make you mad but I want to share something I’ve realized through my work.

What worries me about these “gurus” is they’ll make you feel like a guilty cheapskate for not doing it. You know, the copy that reads like this:

“This is a super-exclusive opportunity and I only accept people who are ready and willing to invest in themselves”

Okay, wait, what does that mean? People who are being strategic with their limited finances, as they try and actually grow a business, don’t believe in investing in themselves?

I know from my go-getter, take-charge clients that is absolutely, 100%, NOT the case.

Or this:

“How long are you going to put off your dreams? Don’t live the same day over and over and call it a life.”

I mean, what is that vague statement even about? How could these people possibly know what your dreams are, let alone have the audacity to crap all over them?

What could emails like these possibly be designed to do, except make you feel really guilty about working on your business and be just general enough for you to fill in the blanks with your own insecurity and fears?


These kinds of emails have the worst energy behind them because the intention has nothing to do with supporting you and setting you free and everything to do with judging you and keeping you just small enough — y’know, small enough that you’re trapped in their Sales Funnels of Eternity and yet not so small that you won’t reach for your credit card information when they launch The Next Shiny Object.

You know what none of these so-called “gurus” will ever tell you? What real “work” looks like.

Guess what? Real work looks like sitting down and getting to work right away, maybe with a cup of coffee, tea or hot water with lemon in the morning, once you’ve spent 5 minutes on your gratitude list.

Real work looks like trying to balance eating well and healthy, cooking meals for your loved ones and then finding an hour or two (or three!) of focused time to queue up your social media, follow up with client emails and then actually do client work.

And, guess what? Sometimes, for long periods of time, real work means living the exact same day over and over again for a while until you reach your goals.

It means controlling whatever variables you can (food, exercise, family time, relaxation, creative inspiration) EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. so you can maximize your working and productive hours.

These icky marketing tactics will make you feel like a jerk for not acting now and buying their program.

It will skew your perception of your most important work, the honor in your life, the good stuff and make it ugly.

It will make you second-guess yourself. And in the spaces of that second-guessing, it will plant a seed of lack that, then, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, these sales emails will tell you only they can solve.

Pfft, yeah right.

Please don’t buy into that junk. Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough without schemers preying upon your vulnerabilities.

Look, real work looks like real work.

You can find ways to fall in love with it and shift your mindset so that it feels like a joy, it feels sexy, it feels empowering.

But real work is none of these things automatically. It needs you to first show up. It needs your input.

I mean, I’m sorry, I’m all for working and traveling at the same time. Technology has really opened up a lot of doors for you and I. But I guarantee you that sun tanning on the French Riviera and working on client work are mutually exclusive activities.

What’s the big deal with working, anyway? I’m not talking about killing yourself or buying into that “busy-work-hustle-culture” (unless that’s what you believe in, power to you).

I’m talking about working according to whatever your version of “work” looks like.

Now, if you’re nodding your head in fierce agreement, don’t miss out on my video this week. We’re talking about the energy of emails that have marketing strategies that you’re proud of versus those that feel…weird. Off. You feel weird about them — and so do your subscribers.

If you come with good energy and good intentions to serve your clients and potential customers, then your open rates and feedback will reflect that. Guaranteed.

Don’t believe me? I’ve got the numbers to back it up! The woman I talk about in the video made her first sale based on her emails, after we shifted the intention!

I’ve seen, firsthand, the power of energy when sending emails, writing copy that empowers and informs, running on abundance rather than scarcity.

This week, I have seen evidence of this energy, twice!

Watch that video to learn about how energy and intentions can make for more powerful marketing copy, create emails customers will actually open and form relationships that will lead to a sale.