It’s weird that a vegan is telling you to eat a frog, isn’t it? But there it is, right there in the title.

Eat the frog.


This is a toad. He eats the bugs in my garden.

No, I don’t want you to actually eat a frog. It’s a saying that means do the hardest thing first, and then the rest of your day will feel a whole lot easier.

If you want to be productive and not dilly-dally all day, checking Facebook every 5 minutes, you’ve got to get organized, prioritize tasks, and discipline yourself.

That means eating the frog first. Then, do the fun stuff.

My frog is in my inbox — emailing people, following up, and reaching out to new people. It’s not that I don’t like doing those things… they’re just scary for me.

I can create new content all day (like my new Work with Me and Courses pages). That’s fun! And I love blogging and writing newsletters.

But I know I gotta eat the frog first. I have to check that email, follow up, and reach out to new people.

What’s your frog?

Tell me in the comments. What is the hardest part of doing business? Is it computer stuff? Writing? Telling people about your business? Or following up with people? What’s your frog and are you willing to eat it?