Do I really have to blog? I hate writing long posts, but I love giving short tips.
Do I have to have a pop-up window? I hate having to close them when I’m on a website.
Do I have to be salesy in a webinar?

I hear these questions all the time, and here’s the short answer: No!
Stop doing things you hate! You don’t have to. And guess what? You’ll set yourself apart if you do things your own way.

If you don’t like writing long blog posts, then make your blog short and sweet. (I would much rather you get to the point than ramble on anyway.)

Or make video blogs. My client Rita is doing an amazing job with video blogs!

If you don’t like the pop-up box to collect email addresses, find an alternative. PopUpAlly is a WordPress plugin that you can set to only pop up every 14 days (or whenever you want).

Or check out the HelloBar, which puts a subtle pop-up box lower on the page so it’s not too distracting.

(Pop-up boxes actually work, so do think about finding an alternative so you can continue to grow your list.)

honeybee braceletIf you’ve joined any of my webinars lately, you know I am anything but salesy. And you don’t have to be salesy either. You DO have to tell people how they can work with you because you’re amazing, and the world needs your gifts.

The only way to have a business is to tell people how you can help them (and how they can pay you for it). Otherwise, it’s not a business.

Here is my new webinar format: I give massive value. All of it. I just give it all without interrupting 1/2 way through to describe my program. Then, at the end, I tell people about the Personal Webinar and the Ask Me Anything Membership because I know I can help people if they seize one of those two options.

(That “interrupting 1/2 way through the webinar to describe your program” is really effective, so consider a way to make it authentic to you.)

My point is, you have to find a way to create the business you love. And don’t do things you hate! People will see right through it. It won’t feel authentic or genuine.

Take Action Now

Write down something you feel like you have to do… something you hate… and then write down how you’re going to do it differently. You don’t need to go and criticize anyone else’s method. Just find your own way. So, write it down. “I hate it when… Instead, I’m going to…”