How to Deal with Instagram Spammers

Instagram spammers. Yeah, you know… the people who leave inappropriate, yet totally positive comments on your Instagram photos? They comment “good job” or “love your page” on images that really aren’t begging for a “good job.” I call those Instagram spammers.

One time, I posted that I have a cold, so I’m working on the couch with some tea and my cat. Someone commented “Cool!” but there was nothing cool about it.

(@theworldoftea appropriately commented with a tea emoji and I love them for that)

What should you do about them? You could

  1. Delete their comment. But more comments make your posts look more engaging, so that’s not the best strategy.
  2. Reply, which is a good strategy because it looks like you are being social. But you know they’re not going to see it anyway so what’s the point.
  3. Receive the compliments! This solution has nothing to do with social media strategy and everything to do with an abundant entrepreneur mindset. Anytime someone comments a mindless “awesome” or “keep up the good work,” you simply say “yes, I am awesome and I will keep up the good work!”

That’s right! I want you to agree with the spammy compliments and receive their fake goodness. (Yeah, I’m giggling as I write this.)

Now, what if you get criticism online? My favorite mentors say that you shouldn’t allow criticism or compliments to rule your life. Otherwise, you’ll be controlled by other people who have their own “stuff” going on, instead of being guided by your passion and training.

You don’t have to receive negative comments in the same way. If you’re so inclined, you can acknowledge criticism and ask yourself if it’s an opportunity to improve or if it’s just an angry person who’s jealous of your success.

With that in mind, you’ll want to do the same thing with genuine compliments — don’t believe them blindly. Use them to evaluate how you are serving your ideal client and what you can do to give even more.

But fake compliments? They’re not giving us any useful information, so we can receive them as kind and playful messages from the universe.

Next time you see a goofy compliment on your Instagram photo and you just know it’s fake, take it as a wink from the universe that you’re allowed to have fun in business.

P.S. Tag me in your photos that have excessively spammy compliments! @terramilo

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