Compressed Energy and Explosive Growth » Terra Milo

Whenever I see lists of “what’s trending in marketing,” the top thing is personalization. People are craving personal attention.

They want to be cared for, followed up on, and supported on an individual level.

Now that doesn’t mean you can’t offer courses or group programs. That’s not what I’m saying. You just have to make them feel sooooo personal.

One way to do that is by hosting a challenge. But again, you have to do the challenge in a very specific way so that you can serve hundreds (or even thousands) while making it feel personal.

And you have to keep it simple so you don’t burn out.

Wow. That sounds impossible… giving personal attention to hundreds of people without burning out? Yes! You can do it.

My friend Niamh Arthur has been running challenges for years and whenever I host a challenge, I follow her formula. Together, we realized that the key is to make the technology work for you so that you can serve the masses while keeping your sanity.

So we teamed up to create a video series all about how challenges can give deep nurturing to your clients while providing explosive growth for your business.

The way we teach challenges compresses your marketing timeline. You get amazing list engagement, connection to your challengers, and envyable open rates.

Your business gets increased energy and momentum and word of mouth about you skyrockets. It’s really cool!

Sign up for the video series here. By the end, you’ll know how to use challenges for explosive growth in your business, while maintaining that personal attention people want.