I’m in the middle of writing and editing an article for a magazine. (I told you I’m going to be published, right? I manifested it!) Since I have a big project to focus on, naturally, I’m getting distracted.

distractionSo far today, I’ve texted my friend, talked with a potential client, made a vet appointment for my dog, put my hair in a ponytail, and then down, and then back into a ponytail, eaten lunch (and lunch dessert!), photographed poppies in my garden, and I’ve even made a Facebook Live Video.

All while writing my article. I’m so distracted!

But those are little distractions. They’re not quite the kind of distraction I’m talking about here today.

There’s a serious distraction plaguing online entrepreneurs and I heard it loud and clear when I was talking with a coach a few weeks ago, and it’s a conversation I’ve seen in Facebook Groups, too. She wants to launch a group program, and she was asking about which membership plugin to use on her website.

Now, she already has one, but she wants to know the best one. She’s been reading articles and investigating all the options. (She’s even found membership sites I’ve never heard of.) Now, it’s smart to look into your options, but after a while, you just have to go with one and see what happens.

Let’s be real. Your membership site doesn’t matter. Your clients won’t know if you’re using Zippy Courses or Optimize Press or WPeMember or Teachable.

And it’s not just about membership sites. There are so many other things that distract good coaches and keep them from launching their business. Tell me if any of these sound familiar:

  • Which newsletter service should I use? I heard {fill-in-the-blank} is bad.
  • I have a website, but I should move to WordPress, right?
  • My opt-in freebie sucks. I’ll start growing my list after I create a better one. (hello, guilty!)
  • I don’t know what I’m doing. I just need one more course before I can start coaching people.

Those are distractions! They’re part of comparisonitis and perfectionism and they’re distracting you from doing the real work you’re here to do.

None of that stuff matters to the woman who is on her 5th diet and just needs to find freedom around food. None of it matters to the person who is stressed out all the time and needs the transformational stress-relieving tools that you have. None of it matters to the person who needs your support and accountability to reach her goals!

I love that you want to do the very best. I really love that. And you definitely should ask good questions. But eventually, you need to get started!

Take Action Now

Take a minute and ask yourself if you’re getting distracted and caught up in things that don’t really matter. If so, forgive yourself, make a choice, and keep moving! You’ve got this. Whatever tool you’re using is perfect.

If you have a newsletter service provider (like Mailchimp), start using it. Send newsletters, promote your opt-in so you can grow your list, and get going! The newsletter service you have now is perfectly fine. You can always upgrade when you’re ready.

Same thing applies to your website, opt-in freebie, and experience. You have what you need and it’s all better than doing nothing. Now it’s time to take action!

Do you have a question about which {this or that} online tool to use? Ask in the comments! I’ve studied so many online tools (it’s kinda my job), and I would love to help you narrow down so you can launch your program. Ask away!