How board games got me out of my comfort zone » Terra Milo

I’m great at making video and public speaking, but talking to 3 people is terrifying! 

I’ll explain. 

As an introvert, I’m usually way outside my comfort zone any time I’m not on the couch with a cat on my lap. But we all know it’s a good practice to stretch yourself, and I’ve had to employ a few strategies to overcome some of my fears. Let’s see if this resonates with you.

For a lot of people, video is super uncomfortable, but I really like it. 

On video, I get to make eye contact, create in my own space, respond when I want, and speak without being interrupted. Video lets you see my personality so we can make a deeper connection. 

Another big one is public speaking. I find it fun and I’m good at it, but I totally understand the fear. 

On the other hand, small events and “networking” are terrifying! I can talk to 1 person or 100, but 3 people… I’m sweating!

We have a lot of networking events in Lisbon and I used to get dressed up, give myself the pep talk, go all the way to the event, get freaked out, and immediately go home without meeting anyone. 

Every time!

Ugh. So disappointing.

This mindset wasn’t working out in my life. I was losing out on connections, personal and professional. 

So I figured out a few tricks to make it possible

  • Volunteer – Make it my job to help people
  • Attend smaller group events like game night
  • Become a host of smaller events
  • Go to bigger networking events with a mindset of curiosity 

Game night was the game changer. Since I’ve started hosting game night, I’ve become more present in the community and now every place is a safe space because I already know someone there.

That’s my story. I snuck in through game night. And when I attend a conference, I’ll try to volunteer so it’s my job to talk to people. 

Now let’s apply this process to you. 

If something isn’t working for you, how can you make it possible?

Can you chunk it down and do something fun?

What can you do – something small – that can open up your world?

When it comes to your marketing comfort zone, what is standing in your way? Could you send an email newsletter or try making videos? 

What action can you take around marketing that will feel fun and exciting?

Leave a comment about a fear you have around marketing – we all have them. If you share, we’ll cheer you on, I promise.

It will be scary at first but you can do it, and I’m here to help.

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