Do you want Clicks or Clients? » Terra Milo

I get this question a lot… should I send people a newsletter and tell them to click through to my blog? 

Or another version… should I post on Facebook and tell people to go watch my latest video on YouTube? 

It depends on your goal. Do you want clicks or clients?

If you want clicks to your website or to YouTube, then yes. 

But you probably want clients.

If your goal is to get clients, then put all of your great content right in front of people so they can learn from you and see your value. 

Don’t make them click through to the blog. Paste the whole article in the email and send it out.

Don’t make them click through to YouTube (where they’ll get lost and forget about you). Put the video on your website or Facebook (or wherever) with an invitation to engage and a clear call to action. 

So tell me, do you want clicks or clients?

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