If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve heard me talking about my passion for environmental sustainability, especially during the holidays.

I actually wrote an environmental blog for years. Recently, I’ve been doing live videos about how to reduce your consumption of plastic* and how to give more creative gifts this holiday season, instead of more “stuff.”

I’ve talked about buying Fair Trade, locally purchased, handmade, and even experiences for your loved ones. I’m passionate about reducing the amount of “stuff” in the world, and we generate a LOT of stuff during the holidays.

That’s why Angela’s idea lit me up! She is a professional storyteller. People hire her to come to their homes to tell traditional stories! It’s such a unique business idea.

Angela came to me with an idea for her next offering and she wanted to know how to make it happen online. (We met in the 30-day Light It Up Video Challenge.) She booked a Strategy Session and we formed a plan.

Her offering? She has created an “advent calendar” of stories. Every day through the month of December, her customers will receive a video story or song to watch in the comfort of their home. My grandmother was German, so we always had a very traditional German Christmas with lots of candles and sweet cakes, and of course, advent calendars are a big part of my Christmas memories. Such a special gift.

I can picture a family listening to Angela’s story at dinnertime, or friends sitting by the fireplace watching the story over a mug of cocoa.

It’s so unique!

The Winter Tales of Advent is an experience, not another “thing.” It will be treasured and shared throughout the month of December, but the stories will stick in your memory.

When Angela told me about this idea, I said, “I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to launch this and keep it super simple for yourself, and really easy for your customers. If you want my help implementing this strategy, I would love to be part of it.”

She said yes! (I always get a flurry of happy butterflies in my stomach when I get to be part of projects like this. I’m truly honored every time someone says yes.)

Our no-brainer, super simple strategy: she will create a few “teaser” videos and release them on Facebook between Thanksgiving and Dec. 1. In the second and third videos, she’ll talk about her Winter Tales of Advent program that people can purchase.

That’s the launch funnel. Super simple, right? Just put the videos out there. No opt-in required.

The magically easy sales page process:
We created the sales page together, which I must admit is a pretty magical process (but that doesn’t mean it’s not super simple!!).

We just open up a page and she tells me about her program.

squareI capture all that energy and excitement and pour it onto the page, translating her vision into effective and high-converting elements.

We pop in a graphic or two, courtesy of Picmonkey, and a PayPal button and call it a day. Sales page ready! It really works that smoothly.

The finishing touches & final flourishes:
To deliver her product, the advent videos, she will simply upload the video to a private Facebook Group each day. People will receive an email reminder every day (yes, it’s a bit monotonous to create) to go check Facebook to watch their video.

Now, you could skip the emails, but people are busy and forgetful, so I think you’re really doing them a service by sending the emails.

Tada! Funnel, sales page, delivery. We accomplished all of this in one session and her advent videos are already bringing joy and light to people’s lives.

Who says launching needs to be a long, drawn out process?

Take a look at these precious stories.

I have to correct myself on one point. This is so much more than an advent calendar because it stays with you beyond the moments when you receive it. It lives in you and you get to learn from the stories.

I invite you to take a look at Angela’s lovely gift that she’s sharing with the world through her sneak peek videos linked above. If you know someone who loves magic and stories, check out her offering. It’s pretty cool.

Now that you’ve read about Angela in action, I encourage you to , think about what you can do that is creative, lovely, and simple.

  • How can you simplify your launch or your delivery while still serving your clients and making a sale?
  • What blocks can you remove so you can release your offering into the world?

I’m here to help. Book a free Strategy Session and we’ll strategize your next offer and how I can help you make it happen.

*Why reduce your consumption of plastic? Most people don’t know this, but plastic is made from oil, and right now Native Americans are protesting an oil pipeline that is being built under the Missouri River. If we consume less plastic and gasoline, we would need fewer pipelines. It’s all connected — and so are we!