Facebook bots are a great way to start a conversation with your clients and really serve their needs.

The trick is to be really sensitive about the fact that you’re in someone’s Messenger space. Since bots are new, it can feel a little more invasive than the email inbox.

But you can totally do it! You can meet your clients where they are (on Facebook) and give them a lot of value using a messenger bot.

The trick will be to make it feel like an authentic conversation where you ask engaging questions, they answer, and you share something helpful. You’ll grow a list within Messenger that you can connect with any time.

Check this out: you can learn more about bots by signing up for my Messenger Bot. It’s like a mini bot training delivered via Messenger.

Just like an email newsletter, you can use bots to

  • get to know your clients a little better
  • allow them to choose their opt-in gift
  • help them solve a problem
  • answer a question (like should I use WordPress or Squarespace?)
  • schedule a discovery session with you

If you’re really gentle (and strategic), you will give them a ton of value and grow a deeper connection with your potential client.

Ready to get started with Facebook Messenger Bots? I’ve created a workshop for you that will show you HOW to set it up and also cover some SMART strategy so that you create a connection with your audience without violating their space.

The 6 modules cover:

  • Introduction to ManyChat, my favorite bot tool
  • Smart Strategy
  • Write Your Sequences
  • When (and how) to Send Broadcasts
  • Growth Tools to Attract More Subscribers
  • Reporting and Analytics

Bots have better open rates than email, and more engagement! When you deliver great value through Messenger, your ideal clients will be begging for more!

“Facebook bots were something I was interested in so I dove in and tried it on my own. Recap: I spent almost an entire day trying to figure it out. I eventually gave up. Then I found Terra’s course! I was able to watch the sessions, create the bot, create the growth tool for my website, and push out social media messages to lead people to my bot within 2 hours! This was a HUGE time savings from the almost full day of trying it on my own! I highly recommend Terra’s course on Facebook bots. I cannot wait to see how it grows my audience.” Amanda McKinney


You can get lifetime access to the 6-module course (plus some impromptu bonuses) for just $37.

If you want to strategize with me, and write your bot together, you can do that too! And you’ll get lifetime access to the course. That option is $157.

Whichever you choose, Messenger bots are worth a try. They could be the way you get your next client!

You’ll get screencast videos and downloadable pdfs to help you plan and create an effective bot strategy.

Are you a business coach or marketing strategist?

Buy this course for your clients! It makes an excellent bonus gift.
I’ll teach them the tech how-tos… you focus on the strategy!


All sales are final. Because these services are digital, the content is immediately available, it cannot be returned or refunded. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, please contact me and we’ll make it right.
This training does not guarantee you will get more clients. It is intended to give you confidence and technical skills so you can offer products and services online, and add potential clients to your list.

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