In week 6 of the Chakredy Immersion (the chakra course I’m taking), we talk about intuition… the third eye chakra. As I’m meditating on this week and my business, and just I realized that the blocks come first.

We must release blocks and fears before we can even take a step into this technology realm.

That’s why I love integrating the Chakra Shift with Computer Girl. We have to talk about what’s holding you back. Where is your energy? How are your chakras… are they open and expansive or chaotic and closed? Then we can move to the computer stuff.

BlocksCome (1)Your throat chakra, the one about speaking your truth and expressing yourself, is often at the core of our resistance and fear. It’s the one that holds us back most often. If your throat chakra is chaotic and contracted, how can you possibly write a newsletter? (There’s more to it than the technology!)

I’ve been talking with a fellow entrepreneur by email. She has an AMAZING website. Absolutely gorgeous! She wants to work with me to grow her list and start sending emails, but she’s stuck. Not only with the technology, but with the overwhelm of writing, expressing herself, connecting with people via email. I can tell her that MailChimp is good until I’m blue in the face, but if her throat chakra is contracted, we will not move forward. I know that.

Hesitations will pop up, like “what does a launch funnel look like… so and so says to do this, but my other friend does that.” And “is MailChimp really right for me? I’ve heard it’s terrible.”

None of that “stuff” matters. You can do whichever funnel you want. Use whichever email service provider you like. It doesn’t matter.

You see, I’m a coach too. I know that the blocks are what hold us back. You can do this online stuff. It’s definitely a new skill that you need to learn, but that’s not the problem. You can learn that. The problem is fear and doubt. Fear that you’ll be judged. Fear that no one will sign up or that they’ll complain about your prices. Fear that people won’t like what you have to offer.

CHAKRA CHARTSo we’ve got to release those blocks. Then we learn technology.

But the blocks come first.

That’s why I’m adding an optional mini chakra assessment to every Strategy Session. When you book your session, you can also request a chakra assessment so we can both see where your energy is blocked and where it’s expansive. (psst… the Strategy Session is still free!)

Otherwise, you could have a beautiful website, but if your solar plexus is closed, no one will ever see it because you won’t have the confidence to release it into the world.

The chakra assessment is a simple tool to show us what blocks you have, and then we can talk about your next steps around technology. (oooh! I’m excited!)

Tell me…

Does this resonate with you? Do you like this Chakra Assessment – Strategy Session combo? Tell me in the comments.