I’m always saying that technology is energy, so when you’re writing newsletters or creating websites, your energy is conveyed to the people on the other side.

If you’re feeling empowered when you write your newsletter, your readers will pick up on that and feel a bit more empowered too. Awesome!

If you feel frustrated when you’re building your website, they’ll sense that frustration as they pour over your site. We don’t want that!

With this knowledge, I’ve run into a bit of a dilemma. I’m re-designing my website using the Divi theme, so I’m doing a lot of boring changes to remove some of the old code and just make the website work correctly before I do a whole redesign. When I have repetitive work like this, I like to watch a show while I work.

The dilemma is, the show that I’ve been binge-watching has become very sad. Like, tears are streaming down my face while I watch. Ugly crying. Over a tv show!

(OMG you guys, it’s heartbreaking.)

So, do I keep editing my website while the show is so sad, or do I stick with my guiding principle and not transfer that sad energy to my website?

It’s funny because I’m actually quite happy in my life. I only cry when I watch this tv show, which is coincidentally the time that I’m editing my site.

I would advise my health coaching clients the same thing about food: if you’re angry while you’re cooking or eating, then you’ll be eating that anger.

I decided to go ahead and edit my website while I watch the show and to check my energy before I hit the “Publish” or “Update” button to seal in the changes. That’s a happy compromise, right?

Let’s hope it works! I’ll never tell you which pages I was making while I watched the show. 😉