I just sent the newsletter called “Am I bothering you?” and it was so scary! I feel like that was the first time I really branched out into the concept of marketing (more than the technical aspects of marketing).

Now, I love marketing, and I always infuse some marketing coaching into my Personal Consultations, webinars, and workshops, but I’m much more confident in the technical arena and I was really nervous to write that email.

Why should people listen to me?

Who am I to tell people when or how often to email their list?

Does anyone really care what I think?

Maybe I really am bothering people!

People always tell me how confident I am. But believe it or not, I definitely didn’t feel ready to write that blog post and send that email. I was hiding in my comfort zone. How did I get out of it?

I sucked it up and just did it.

That’s it. No magic formula. Just suck it up.

Here’s the truth. I believe in my business. I love helping coaches grow their practice through marketing. I love it that people trust me to teach them how to set up their website, or their email marketing. And I love it that I can get things done for them.

Sure, you could do it without me, but you’d probably have to pay a virtual assistant, or you’d struggle and get frustrated and maybe even give up.

We can’t have that!

I believe in health coaching, and I believe in you. So, I had to write that email. And then I had to send it!

Tell me… What makes you nervous and how to do you get through it?

Yes, please!
Check it out. You can unsubscribe anytime.
Yes, please!
Check it out. You can unsubscribe anytime.