Bad UX from One of my Favorite Tools, Vimeo » Terra Milo

I love making videos and I like to get multiple uses from one video. So I upload it to YouTube, embed it on my blog, add it to a LinkedIn article, incorporate it into a Medium post, and send it in my email newsletter. (It’s actually a lot simpler than it seems!)

For the email, LinkedIn article, and Medium post, it’s fun to use a gif to entice people to click through to watch the video.

Vimeo makes it super easy to create a gif, but when I used their tool, I bumped into a bit of confusing language that a UX writer could definitely improve.

As usual, it’s a simple thing that can erase a lot of confusion and make the user feel supported.

Here’s what happens:
When you click the button to Create a GIF, you select your clip and then the screen says, “It might take a few minutes to create this GIF.”

Now, I’m a pretty techie person, but the lack of clarity made me think my gif wasn’t processing. I thought it was giving me a preview so I clicked the “Create a GIF” button again.

How a UX Writer would fix it

It should say “We’re processing your GIF. It might take a few minutes.” Adding the word “Processing” would tell us that they’re working on it and it’ll be done soon.

If I weren’t so techie, I would be frustrated and wonder where all these GIFs were saved on my computer.

After a few minutes, I had my GIF and moved on to the next thing, but this is just one example of how a simple change can make a big difference for the user experience, and how even the big tools don’t always get it right. Everyone can use a second eye on their copy.

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