Avoid these Missed Opportunities » Terra Milo

Sometimes we have an opportunity to make people feel extra supported, to show that we are ahead of the curve. And sometimes we miss those opportunities.

But it’s ok! I’ve got your back. In this video, I’ll shed light on some opportunities I see people missing and how to fill in the gaps.

Here’s one, when someone signs up for your free gift, send them to a customized “thank you” page.

On that “thank you” page, give them all the details they’ll need to take the next step.

You could even invite them to a free call so they take action when they are most interested in your business.

Bottom line

Take every opportunity to show your potential clients and customers that you are professional, thoughtful, and here to take care of them at every step in the process.

If you need help filling some of these gaps (they’re hard to see when you’re so close to your own business), you can book a call with me. I can review your processes and recommend changes that will make a huge difference.

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