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You’ve got your big WHY.

You have a mission, a purpose. A passion for helping people and making the world a better place.

Perhaps you are a sustainability consultant helping companies reduce their impact on the planet, or you’re a brand that wants to talk about your sustainability project. 

You’re doing something valuable.

You’ve created your product or program. You’ve learned what to offer to best reach your ideal client. You’re full of information, ideas, and inspiration.

You’re ready to grow.

But HOW do you make it happen?

You need a marketing strategy.

At the very least, you need to understand your audience deeply. And then you need to create a plan so you can communicate with them effectively and consistently.

You need a well-written, responsive website and a marketing strategy.

You want to optimize your website so it’s easy for people to connect and take the next steps. And you want to automate your responses, but still keep a personal touch. 

That’s what I’m here to help you with.

No more losing clients to overwhelm or confusion.
No more winging it.

I believe in you and the world needs you.

Why me?

I’ve been empowering businesses around technology and marketing for over 7 years.

I want to help you with your marketing strategy
I want to help you spot holes and missed opportunities so you can get your message out to the masses.
I want to solve problems before they become crises.

I’m good at this work. To say that I think outside the box is to put it lightly. I’ve been living outside the box my whole life. It’s where I thrive.

And I want to bring my innovative ideas to you.


How to work with me

We can work together one-on-one to get your project done so you feel empowered to replicate our strategy in the future. 

Or I can review your content and show you how to make simple changes to draw in more clients.

We can work on anything from your onboarding process to your opt-in and nurture sequence. Or we can create a strategy to launch your next offer.


How do I know how to help you? I’ve launched more than 100 offers in 7 years. I’ve supported countless entrepreneurs as they create and launch their business. I love studying marketing trends, pricing strategy, business analysis, and of course, sustainability!

Here are some of the courses I’ve done to help support you…

  • Marie Forleo’s BSchool, to get the right ideal client for you, and talk directly to them
  • Holistic MBA Core Program, for advanced business and marketing training
  • Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp, to get over money blocks and price your course just right
  • Get Legally Covered So You Can Go Bare, so you and I are legally protected while we work together
  • Fire Starter Sessions, to set big goals and stick to them
  • Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge online, to bring the business case to my passion for sustainability

*I am an affiliate of some of these programs, so I may receive a commission if you sign up using my links (please do!). I only become an affiliate for programs I believe to be the most transformational.

Anything else?


I have a Master of Arts in English, so we can work on writing and communication. My undergraduate degree focused on marketing, and prior to launching my own business, I was the Digital Communications Specialist for The University of Akron.

I have built websites, managed email messaging, coordinated social media marketing, and I’ve taught others how to do it all too!

Besides all that cool stuff…

Besides all that cool stuff…
I recently moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and I work with people all over the world.
I love good food.
Exercise is hard for me, but I do it anyway.
I am an Introvert and a Scorpio. Oh yeah!
I feel most alive when I’m in the sea. 

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