Can I tell you something? Lately, I have the energy of someone who has been hustling in her biz for 3 years. In a word, stressed! The energy has been weird this month and it’s affecting my mojo.

Have you ever felt that way? You’re overflowing with ideas and overwhelmed with possibilities. Like there’s just so much to do, you don’t even know where to get started?

It’s a good problem! But it still feels overwhelming. So I’ve come up with 3 ways to get over the 3-year slump.

1. Shake things up. Move your desk. Take a retreat day.

I learned that my chair is not in the Power Position in my office. So I moved it and within the week, 4 exciting opportunities have come through the door!

I also realized I needed to get away from the computer. Natalie MacNeil of She Takes on the World suggests taking a retreat once in awhile, so I took her advice. You can read about my mini retreat day and how to get your chair in the power position here on my blog.

2. Think about your clients.

crazy girlWhenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or uninspired (yes, it works for both!), think about your clients. Where would your clients be right now if they hadn’t invested in themselves?

My client Rita might not have started writing a consistent (and awesome) newsletter for her tribe. Dana might be stressed out about each and every launch. And Linda might not have gotten her opt-in gift up in time for the telesummit she’s speaking on!

Our clients are ready and waiting for us.

3. Dip your toes into reality.

Yesterday I watched a woman make $50k in one hour with a broken website! Her rabid fans kept hitting “refresh” so they could buy from her.

What does that have to do with reality? For me, it was a reality check.

Am I doing everything I can to gain rabid fans and grow my business? Everything? My reality is, I need to be more active. I’m always authentic. I’m always me. But I need to give you more. I’m actually really funny, creative, silly, and down-to-earth. More of that.

You probably don’t even know why I love technology so much. It’s actually because of the environment. I used to write an environmental blog and I got really into how technology helps us save paper, harness solar power, commute smarter, and reduce emissions. Sure, we can use technology to do a lot of bad things to the environment, but I think the potential is entirely positive.

That’s why I love it! Then I got good at it and discovered how fun it is to create things. Now I get to use technology to express myself and help people.

You get to use technology to find your ideal client, give her immense value, and transform her life through your programs and services! Woo!

What about you? What’s your reality? Are you giving enough, asking for the sale, and taking care of yourself? I hope so. Your clients are looking for you.

Take Action Now

Write down one thing you can do to get out of overwhelm and boost your biz. Will you plan a retreat day? Start blogging more? Schedule social media posts? Pick one and commit to it. (Hint: I took a retreat day to plan blogs and social media posts.)