3 things you must have on your websiteDo you ever have one of those days where you have to do 50 million things before you step on a plane for a long weekend? I’m having one of those days!

I’ve got ideas swirling around in my head about newsletters to write, videos to make, courses to create, not to mention where I’m going to eat dinner tomorrow night when I land in New York City for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass!

But before I do all that, I wanted to pop in and tell you 3 things you must have on your website! They’re easy things to check, and you can probably get them done before I finish packing. 😉

#1 Contact information

No really, go check. Make sure it is SUPER easy for people to contact you. There should be some sort of “contact me” or “get started” or “book a session” button or link on every page of your website.

Anywhere you have posted your email address, make it clickable so people can easily get in touch with you and find out how they can work with you. (The only exception to this rule is the footer. I’ve heard that if you have your email address in your footer, you’ll get more junk emails.)

I’ve found this awesome plugin that includes a little slider box that says “Book a Strategy Session.” It slides in from the bottom right corner after someone has been on my site for a few seconds. It’s so cool!

The ConvertPlug plugin also has pop-up boxes for newsletter sign-ups, and it will embed your newsletter sign-up at the bottom of your blog post. Amazing! Check it out here.

#2 Email newsletter signup

You knew that was coming, right? Even if you’re not sending a newsletter yet, you want to be collecting names and email addresses so that when you’re ready, you have someone to write to (and eventually sell your services to).

There are so many ways to collect email addresses. You could have:

  • a signup box in your blog sidebar
  • a pop-up box
  • a “welcome mat” that covers your homepage until someone opts in or closes it
  • a box at the bottom of your blog posts
  • a horizontal bar across the top of the page, or below your banner image

So many options! Choose a couple to test and see which ones are the most effective for you. Your sign-up box or opt-in offer should be super easy to find.

Of course, if you need ideas about sending a newsletter, check out my free course!

#3 Confidence

Ooh… this is a tricky one. How do you add confidence to your website? It’s different for everyone, but for me, it means your website feels fun yet professional, and you know how to make things happen. You know how to make simple changes, and you can easily add your contact information, newsletter sign-up boxes, blog posts, videos, and more.

Essentially it means that this is your space and you’re in charge. Of course, you can have help from a virtual assistant, or even a local assistant, but when it’s crunch time, you know what to do and your website conveys that feeling of confidence.

Take Action Now!

Go check your website and make sure it has a way for people to easily contact you,  a newsletter sign-up box, and confidence. If you need those first two, check out that ConvertPlug plugin I mentioned. (It’s only on WordPress, but you can still make these things happen easily on other sites, I promise.)

If you need a little more confidence, let’s talk! We’ll make sure your website has everything it needs to grow your business.

Ok, I’d better finish packing now! I’ve got a plane to catch and some delicious NYC food to eat. #priorities

* I am an affiliate of the Spirit Junkie Masterclass, so if you sign up for the digital course using my link, I will receive a commission. I don’t promote courses and programs that I don’t believe in, so rest assured, this one is worth it.

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