Believe it or not, one thing that really holds me back is creating artwork. It may look like I enjoy it, but let me tell you, it’s a struggle.

The thing is, I can do it. I have Adobe Photoshop and even Illustrator. I love Picmonkey and Canva. But it’s not my forte. I can waste hours creating one little piece of art for a program.

What takes me 6 hours to make (and then re-do), someone else can do in an hour.

So I hired a designer. And I learned 3 things.

1) I learned to get organized. I like to make things easy for people who are helping me. When you have someone else depending on your schedule in order to complete your work, you get super organized. I had to tell her

  • what sizes I wanted everything
  • who my ideal client is
  • where I’m going to use the image so she could understand the context
  • FB ad rules
  • dates and details

2) I got clarity. Not just on dates and details and image sizes. (Talk about planning ahead!)

I got clarity around what I wanted.

Fortunately, she wasn’t overly sensitive because often she would create something and give me the file, and then I would go and make 57 changes to her original piece. It’s cool. We agreed to that ahead of time. (If you hire someone, make sure to discuss things like “who owns the artwork”.)

She was a springboard for my own creativity. I love structure, so I like having a space I can work in – a defined, not-too-wide open space – and then I thrive.

3) I realized I could do it myself. Designing my graphics was holding me back, only because I allowed it to.

After redoing most of her designs, I took back the reigns of my business and went back to creating my own artwork. She got me through some huge blocks, and now I’m back on my own. Inspiration and all!

Take Action Now

Start thinking about your next program and how you can get clarity, get organized, and get help (if you need it).