Your website will look so much more professional with good pictures of you. But maybe you’re camera shy. Or, you’re using pictures you already have because you’re afraid it will cost a lot to get a camera or hire a professional photographer.

connie-kalmbach-220x165You don’t need a professional photographer to get great photos!

My 7-year old niece took this fabulous picture of my mom for her website! Without even knowing it, she used these 3 tips for taking a great portrait.

You CAN use a good smartphone to take your portrait. But, you MUST have someone else do it for you. (No selfies!)

These are my top tips for taking great pictures. Of course, it goes without saying that you should smile. Think of your silliest pet or something that makes you laugh.

#1 The Squinch

Squint your eyes just a little. It makes your smile look a little more genuine and confident.

#2 Shade is your friend

Sunlight produces really harsh shadows under the eyes. So, take your portrait in the shade of a nice tree, or on an overcast day. But make sure you (the subject) are facing the light.

#3 Frame the picture

Of course, we want to use the rule of thirds to make it look more natural and inviting. A few more things will make you look spectacular…

  • Turn your shoulders so they angle the camera slightly
  • Put your arms on your hips – it’s more thinning
  • Declutter the background (or make the background far away so it is slightly blurry)
  • Have your picture taken from above your eyes (you’re sitting – your photographer is standing)


Need more resources?

Take action now! Recruit a friend to take your picture and share these tips with them. Have them take 10-15 pictures of you and put the best one on your website. Post your website here so we can all see!