After my Blog Superstar workshop, I took a little mini-break to recuperate (and as a little reward for myself). As a health coach, I know how important it is to take good care of myself. I do a lot of small daily things for self-care, but I’ve been told (several times) recently that I need to actually reward myself.

So, I drove up to Toronto to just walk around, eat good food, and relax. I even watched tv in my room, which I never do. It was so fun, and definitely needed!

Toronto waterfront

The Toronto Waterfront at sunset.

As business coach Denise Duffield-Thomas says, “I serve. I deserve.”

It’s a mantra to remind yourself that you deserve to be compensated for your good work. I think that as women, we find it difficult to accept payment and to reward ourselves. We believe we should give generously and ask nothing in return.

That gets exhausting. So, take a break! You deserve it. Health coaches bring so much value and goodness to the world. It’s not too much to give yourself a little reward once in a while.

“I serve. I deserve.”

Speak this mantra daily, until it sinks in. I’ll do it too! It’s not about being greedy or selfish. It’s about accepting the abundance we deserve for the gifts we share with others.

Buddha bowl

Mushroom tofu in a clay pot at Vegetarian Haven

Anyway, I wanted to share with you some insights from the Blog Superstar workshop! We had such a great time talking about writing, inspiration, and how to connect with our clients. I asked my Superstars to share some of their insights and here’s what they had to say:

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Just write….it doesn’t have to be perfect. Let it flow….You will have hits and misses…but you need to just get in the habit of putting your thoughts out there.

— Karen


So true, Karen! No one is “naturally” better at this than anyone else. We all have a story to tell, and blogging is such an easy, yet authentic way to tell your story.

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I just switched over to WordPress and was scared to learn the new blog. I had blogged recipes before but not much else. I have now blogged 7 times since taking the class and sent out a newsletter. If I can do this, anyone can. I now have consistent topics and days to blog set up for 30 weeks.

— Drea


That’s so awesome! She has written 7 blog posts in just 2 weeks. Drea’s on a roll and I’m so proud of her. It’s awesome to go from fear to confidence!

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I loved the idea of writing down 30 things and putting in my calendar!

— Lynne


One of our exercises was to brainstorm 30 topics and then put them in your calendar. This amazing practice will keep you blogging consistently, and I’m so glad Lynne (and everyone) enjoyed their homework.

My favorite tip about writing: start in the middle! I have such a hard time with introductions, but I always know my point, so I start with the purpose and then I add the introduction later.

We also talked about the technical stuff about blogging on the IIN website, Weebly, and WordPress. The possibilities are endless, once you figure out what you want to write about. 😉

Choosing the right headline can make your break your blog post or newsletter, and I know we all enjoyed brainstorming catchy headlines too.

Take Action Now! Put your hand on your heart and say “I serve. I deserve.” Then, do a free-write about what that means to you. This powerful mantra could turn into a very moving blog post or newsletter for your followers. You never know who needs to hear your message, so get out there and blog! And don’t forget to tell me your insights by leaving a comment below.


(psst… you can still sign up for the Blog Superstar workshop. It will be available until the end of July, so don’t wait!)