In honor of Earth Day, I want to share my 3 favorite tools for staying organized (and paperless). All three are available on my computer AND on my mobile device so I can access files no matter where I am. They help me keep track of clients, my calendar, and my documents. And they are share-able!

Google Drive

Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) is Google’s version of Microsoft Office. It saves everything automatically — no more losing documents — and it keeps a revision history, so you can see where you started and what changes have been made.

google drive

I started using Google Drive when I worked at The University of Akron, so I could create documents to share with my teammates and supervisor. It’s so helpful to be able to share a live document, rather than emailing changes around the office so many times that no one knows which is the most recent version. With a Google Document, everyone can make changes real-time, and you can always check the revision history to see what changes have been made.

PLEASE tell your students, friends, spouses, everyone about Google Drive! Too many people have come to me, crying, because their Word Doc was corrupted, or their computer broke, or they got a virus and lost everything. With Google Drive, you can create and edit your document from any computer and it’s always saved online.

No more flash drives, emailing stuff to yourself, or losing files.

As a health coach and Your Computer Girl, I create all my drafts and documents in Google Drive, everything from program offerings to a giveaway checklist to presentations. When I’m out shopping for client giveaways, I can pull up Google Drive on my phone and look at the checklist to see what I need to buy.

Google Drive includes

  • Documents (like Word)
  • Spreadsheets (like Excel)
  • Presentations (like PowerPoint)
  • Forms (for surveys, scheduling, and event registrations)

Want a Google Drive webinar? Let me know in the comments!


dropbox-windowsOf course you’ve heard about Dropbox. Everything that I don’t keep in Google Drive goes in Dropbox. In fact, when I do a Personal Webinar with coaches, I create images, buttons, and other artwork, and I save it in a Dropbox folder in case I need to share it with them when we’re done.

I store all of my IIN handouts in Dropbox, and simply email my phone clients a link to the Dropbox file. They will always have access to the most up-to-date version of the document, without me having to email them large files.

When I’m meeting with a client in person, I can pull up different documents on the spot using my iPad. It’s a great way to stay paperless! (One of my clients used his iPad to access the documents so all of our sessions were Earth-friendly.)

You can even install Dropbox on your computer and use it just like a My Documents folder, to make things easy to save and open later.

Don’t have Dropbox? Sign up here! 

Google Calendar

My calendar rules my world! That sounds terrible to some people, but for me, it brings peace of mind. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t get done. If it’s on my calendar, I will do it, so when I have a million things to do, I schedule them on my calendar and I can rest easy, knowing that they’ll get done.


Whenever someone wants to schedule an appointment, I can easily see if I’m available and book them on the spot.

The calendar is also available on mobile devices. I love the reminders that pop up and tell me that it’s time to go to an appointment (unless it’s the dentist!) or remind me to write a blog post. (Hint: brainstorm blog post ideas and put them on your calendar.)

Google Calendar also syncs with a lot of scheduling services. I use for my appointments, and I love it because it blocks out the times that are unavailable, and it puts appointments on my Google Calendar for me.

Want to get on my calendar? You can schedule a 15-minute strategy session here!

Bonus sneak peek!

Here’s a quick peek at how I use Dropbox, and a look at my Google Drive too.


Take action! Check out Google Drive, Google Calendar, and Dropbox and report back with your favorite.